Kinnaur Kailash: A Trek To The Abode Of God

There is no higher pleasure than trekking thru the mystical abodes of several peaks that take you thru some of the most captivating and eye-catching pathways. Kinnaur Kailash: A Trek To The Abode Of God

The Kinnaur(Kinner) Kailash Trek is one of these treks, that now not solely receives your adrenaline dashing however additionally modifications you into a unique human being. This religious trek takes you to the magical dwelling house of Lord Shiva. Throughout the trek, you will sense a one-of-a-kind sort of strength touching your soul and motivating you.

I had the pleasure of embarking on this trek and view the big 79-foot vertical rock. It is stated to be The Shiva Lingam. This captivating rock takes on distinct magical shades for the duration of the day. No different web page has crammed me with as an awful lot devotion as this lovely Shiva Lingam.

Many Hindu pilgrims take an exclusive route to attain this place, and I had a pleasure taking walks alongside them. The strength and devotion of the pilgrims made my experience ever so beautiful.

This stunning vicinity is located at Indo- Tibet border and used to be nonetheless 1993, constrained for Indian nationals. Even nowadays it gives restrained entry to overseas nationals. Tourists from overseas international locations will have to first register themselves with the Inner Line Permit.

This stunning trek is truly magical, as you locate your self surrounded by using specific mountains and wonderful valleys.

The Trek

My trek commenced at Tangling. I hadn’t pre-planned this trip. The outing got here naturally to me. Whilst I used to be sitting in Manali, attempting to locate out extra and extra matters to do.

Tangling is about 7500 feet above sea degree and some humans may ride respiratory troubles owing to the greater altitude.


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Tangling is a little village placed close to the gushing waters of River Sutlej. The second I entered the city I was once captivated via the herbal splendour that lay in the front of me. Small streams ran all alongside the beautiful inexperienced patches of land. All these streams drift without delay from the Kinnaur Kailash range. The water is extraordinarily smooth and pristine, and I even determined to splash it on my face. The calling water refreshed me adequately, to begin with, my trek.

Bara Pathar

After some brisk walking, I determined to take a ruin and stopped at a big rock. The rock is cemented at the Deodar Forest Range. It has now come to be a leisure region for the trekkers and pilgrims.

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After filling my water bottles and catching my breath, I determined to resume my journey. As I walked, I observed that the excessive bushes of the forests had been fading into oblivion. And in the front of me lay enormous meadows definitely included via an inexperienced carpet of grass. Wherever I looked, there used to be greenery all around, and the fields stretched into the horizon.

Aashiqui Park

The subsequent stretch of the trek takes one to the well-known Ashiqui Park. The title of the park has a little fantasy in the back of it. It is said, that this used to be the area the place Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati met- due to the fact of which the park is named the Aashiqui Park (Love Park).

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This beautiful backyard is honestly a considerable cowl of inexperienced grass and is a famous area to take the night time off and camp. Most trekkers set up their personal trek here, earlier than the beginning of the early subsequent morning. This location is additionally top-notch to view the lovely Kailash mountain range. The view is wonderful and I used to be left gaping as I watched the beautiful but intimidating snowy peaks. The splendour of these peaks is specifically based and excellent in the course of the night. The moonlight with its full glory falls on the snowy peaks, and the complete mountain vary looks to glow.

Kinnaur Kailash

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We and the different trekker woke up early in the morning. It is obligatory to begin the trek early for the reason that one has to come returned to this area after the ascent is over.

Till this place, the trek is on particularly simpler grounds, however after crossing the Aashiqui Park. The subsequent 7 km has a steep ascent. And I had to grasp with all my palms and legs to make it to the Kinnaur Dwaar or the Kinnaur Door. It is stated that this area is one of the doorways to the Kinnaur Kailash Mountains.

The whole distance between the Park and the height of the Kinnaur Kailash is about 10 km, however, it takes about eight hours to trek, owing to the difficult and slippery terrain.

There are quite a few waters our bodies and streams that run alongside the route which makes the course even greater gorgeous.

The streams are particularly effortless to cross, however as the solar begins to set the water degrees to tend to increase. This makes it very tough to move these streams. Thus, it is first-rate that one begins off early, to keep away from such hurdles.

My subsequent give up was once at the Bheem Dwar, which is at an incredible peak of 12,400 feet above sea level. The Bheem Dwaar is surely a cave, and additionally a special campsite. The total journey of being close to a cave whilst tenting is fascinating, however, this time around I didn’t have time to do that.

After as soon as once more refilling my water bottle from a close-by stream, I persevered onto my direction and reached the Parvati Kund. Parvati Kund is a glacial lake, and I noticed most of the pilgrims stopping right here to are seeking for the benefits of The Goddess. The lake itself is surrounded by using white snow, which is interrupted in between brown-coloured rocks and boulders.

From here, the awesome Kinnaur Kailash is about four km from the Parvati Kund, however, the final three km is a vertical ascent. This stretch is steep and it took me a large time to attain the top. At some points, I felt my legs giving up, however, the sheer dedication of achieving and feeling the devotion of the Shiva Lingam saved me motivated.

When I subsequently reached there, I consider maintaining my breath as I stared at the notable rock that used to be in the front of me.

I by no means thinking an excessive piece of rock ought to fill me with so plenty of love and devotion, but it did. The complete surrounding was once marvellous and I should solely quit and start attempting to seize the entirety in my mind. The area is clearly surreal and the complete environment reverberates with a lovely essence of spirituality.

I noticed a lot of pilgrims, clad in their saffron-coloured garments presenting prayers to the Shiva Lingam. The devotion that every one of these pilgrims had used to be contagious. Even I ended up bowing my head to pay respect.

After spending a lot of time at the top, I decided to begin my descent and go to Aashiqui Park. I had determined to camp at the Park for the night time and then end my trip at Tangling the subsequent day.

The Myths

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Hindu Mythology has a lot of memories that revolve around this sacred and holy place. According to the myths, the Himalayas are considered as the holy domicile of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. A lot of please spherical this place has been named after the Lord and the Goddess. There is a beautiful pond close to this peak, which is referred to as the Parvati Kund. The locals strongly consider that Goddess Parvati has created this pond. Another famous legend suggests that Lord Shiva had referred to as an assembly for all Goddesses and gods at the Kinnaur Kailash peak. This assembly used to be referred to as in the course of the wintry weather season.

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To mark this occasion, when you consider that then, pilgrims trek each and every 12 months for the duration of the wintry weather months.


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