Hyderabad: the city of Marfa

The Marfa is a form of celebratory rhythmic music and dance from Hyderabad, India, among the Hyderabadi Muslims, adapted from Afro-Arab music of Hadhramawt in Yemen played with high tempo using Marfa (instrument) daff, Dhol, sticks, steel pots and wooden strips called thapi.
The Chorus effects and vocal meter are set according to beats. This beautiful dance form is housed by the wonderful city of Hyderabad. The Pearl City, Hyderabad with its unmatched blend of history and modernity, hypnotizes everyone, whoever sets his/her foot in this beautiful city of Nizams. With a history as old as 400 years and the status of a metropolitan city, Hyderabad promises a uniquely refreshing experience to all. Hyderabad is located on the Deccan plateau in the northern part of India and is the capital to the enormous state of Telangana. Being one of the 5 Metropolitan cities Hyderabad is one of the best tourist destinations. Hyderabad is a  mix of modern and classical architecture. In historic times it was ruled by the Nizam’s, therefore, it has a dozen gorgeous mosques, minarets, tombs and palaces. It is the home to a lot of popular places like Charminar, the Mecca Masjid, the Salar Jung Museum, the Nizam’s Museum, the Telangana High Court, the Falaknuma Palace, Chowmahalla Palace and the traditional retail corridor comprising the Pearl Market, Laad Bazaar and Madina Circle.

Popular places to visit in Hyderabad-

Being an enormous city Hyderabad can’t certainly be explored within a day it’s gonna take months to fully get the feels of Hyderabad but this report might help.

The Charminar this magnificent structure is located in the centre of old Hyderabad it’s a square-shaped structure with four minarets. And it consists of a mosque and 45 prayer spaces and people still come here to offer namaz. It is also known as Arc de Triomphe of the East’.

The Golconda Fort is this enormous fortress located 11km from the city other than the beautiful architecture this fort also captivates its visitors with its system of acoustics, its water supply system, ‘Rahban’ cannon and Ramdas’ prison which has carved Hindu deity in it. It has been a popular shooting site for a lot of movies and if one ever visits Hyderabad they shouldn’t miss out on this.

The Laad Bazaar is one of the oldest markets in Hyderabad and one of the must-visit places there because what is tourism without a little bit of shopping. One can find and buy amazing souvenirs from here shiny bangles, bridal dresses, pieces of jewellery, etc. This market is located near Charminar. This market gives an extremely indie and cultural-historic vibe therefore one shouldn’t definitely miss out on this.

The chowmahalla palace is yet another residence of the nizams located near Charminar it is a beautiful palace with delicate artwork of domes, arches, windows and meticulously carved out designs. The complex is elegantly embellished with gentle fountains, expansive lush gardens, numerous palaces, Clock Tower, Roshan Bangla and the Council Hall.

Well Hyderabad just isn’t about all the cultural heritage and architecture amidst all this lies the Nehru zoological park. Also known as Hyderabads zoo this park is a home for over 1500 species like Indian Rhino, Asiatic Lion, Bengal Tiger, Indian Elephant as well as panthers, pythons, deer, and antelopes. It’s spread across 380 acres and is definitely a spot to visit all the nature junkies.

Other than that there are two amazing malls to observe like the Located in the Madhapur area in Hyderabad, Inorbit Mall is a massive mall replete with big brand stores, food chains, local eateries and game zone. The mall also has an enormous parking and a huge movie theatre. Foram sujana mall  Located in Kukatpally in Hyderabad, Forum Sujana Mall is a shopping mall mostly popular for the launching of its big brand store- Zara. Other than umpteen number of apparel, footwear, cosmetics and jewellery outlets, the mall also has a massive food court and a gaming zone. It also has a nine-screen PVR multiplex cinema.

Hyderabad a modern city-

Other than all the culture, history, tradition and breathtaking monuments Hyderabad is one of the most developed cities in India. It is estimated that Hyderabad’s economy ranges from 40 billion to 76 billion. It ranks as the 5th most productive metro. Other than that Hyderabad is the home to various famous enterprises like BHEL, NFC, NMDC, BEL, ECIL, etc. It is famous for its Pearl’s it’s also known as the  ”city of pearls”. Various famous IT companies have their offices there companies like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google, IBM, Yahoo!, Oracle Corporation, Dell, Facebook, CISCO, and major Indian firms including Tech Mahindra, Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Polaris, Cyient and Wipro. Hyderabad’s education system is meticulous too it is a home to 13 universities ;two private universities, six state universities, three central universities.

Well no matter for how long you stay or travel in Hyderabad this place will never fail to surprise you or give you an experience of a lifetime. It’s a city that never fails you it’s filled with new experiences and new lessons to learn from.

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