6 Ways On How To Travel On Budget

Travelling is the art of living your life to the fullest, or getting to know a better version of yourself.

‘To travel is to live’

Hans Christian Andersen

Travelling is considered one of the best medicines to relieve one from all worldly things.To travel on a budget is not an easy thing.

Travelling is often considered a luxury, but it’s  possible to see the world without breaking the bank. Start off by deciding exactly how much you want to spend and where you’d like to if you have a preference. Then, aggressively search for everything before taking a tour.


If you are planning to take a tour and you are broke, so here are few sneaky money-saving tips that you can try to travel on a budget.

Choosing a cheap destination for yourself is an important part as this will only decide how much you are spending on traveling. Destination plays a crucial role is your traveling. By searching it on the internet, one can easily find the cheap destinations for oneself. These days there are many sites available like make my trip.com, trip advisor etc. You can easily find the best suitable destination for yourself by searching it on these websites. They provide the best facilities to their customer according to their needs and desire. So this can be an easy approach.


If you are planning to travel, go during the off-season. As this will help you in saving your money because during the off-season you can find the best of hotels at cheaper rates. During the season time, flocks of people are gathered there, So these salespeople tend to increase the prices of the hotels, eateries, transport etc because at that time people are willing to spend more, and whatever price the salesperson is demanding people will pay, So there’s a monopoly in the market. But during off-season same hotel, transport, eateries are available at affordable prices.

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Traveling by bus or train is cost-effective methods, is you are planning to travel on a budget. Travelling by air is a luxury. It’s an expensive way. Cost of air lines have increased by leaps and bound. So it’s wiser to go to the cost-effective methods of traveling. Travelling by train or bus will give you a lot of experiences and exposure.  Between the food car, the conductors, and the world flying by outside your window, there’s a nostalgic appeal to train travel. For example, if you are planning to visit GOA then instead of booking flights you can travel first to Mumbai by train. And then can roam for a day in Mumbai, Then at night, you can take a sleeper bus, which will take you to GOA. This will help in saving your time and money, and by doing this you can travel on a budget.

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Whenever you wish to travel, choose your accommodation wisely, because a lot of expenditure is incurred on this, and this factor plays a crucial role. These days’ youngsters are preferring zostel more than hotels.

Hotel Room

Zostel is very common these days because rooms are available at affordable prices. They provide the gaming facility, funky environment and to add more you get to interact people from many places because it is India’s first and largest chain of backpackers’ hostels. If not zostel then you can rent a house, flat at the place you wish to, or opt for small hotels. Because staying in expensive hotels will cost you more and it’s of no use, spending so much for a thing where you have an option to save, it’s just a luxury. So by choosing the place, you want to live will help you to travel on a budget.


If you are traveling, explore the local food stalls, eateries which are a lot cheaper than having a lunch or dinner in an expensive place. Because these local market snacks and food items can save you big dollars on the road, always carry some items like bread, jam with you because it is a great way to keep you full between the meals. Eating things which are the specialty of the place you are visiting will give you more satisfaction and sense of fulfillment.

If you will eat those things which are available in your city or state too, then there’s no point in spending on the things which you already have. Instead, try out something new, explore the local food stalls and save your hard-earned money. This can be an effective way if you wish to travel on a budget.


Stopping at the local shopping market, and bargaining with the local shopkeepers is must, if you are traveling. This can be the effective way of buying things at cheaper prices. There’s nothing wrong is bargaining, if you can get the thing at a price which you want, and you also know that there’s the scope of bargaining, then there’s no harm in buying those things. For example, if you are traveling to Manali, then don’t forget to bargain with local Tibetan sellers. These sellers provide you the best things and those things too which you will only get at their place. So this can be an exciting thing to do which will help you in saving your penny and will let you travel on a budget.

So here are 6 ways that you can opt while traveling on a budget. It’s not as much as difficult to travel on a budget.If you are really wanting to travel and you are broke then these ways will work best for you. Till then Just Take A Deep Breath, Relax and enjoy.

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