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How to travel on a Budget in India

To make your Indian exploration dream a reality and to grab the badge of a smart traveler, you must master the ways to travel cheaply in your early 20s. After all, this is the age to delve all comforts and head out see the best India has to offer.

How to travel on a Budget in India

A little spontaneity, immaculate planning, and some useful tips for budget travel in India are all you need to conquer the best India destinations with only a few hundred bucks in your pocket. However, planning a budget trip in India is much easier than planning an international one. 

  • Choose Non-AC over Air-Con

It will really help you in saving lots of money and you can use this money in some useful needs. In ac room, busses, train the cost just double or Tripple the non-AC ones. So it is better to choose fans instead of AC.

  • Eat Like a Veggie in India

It will also save your money a lot not only your money but also your health. Because taking the meat in a meal outside your home is always be a risky and suspicious thing. 

homestay veg
homestay veg
  • Go sleeper class on Trains in India

Travel in a sleeper class is always a good choice to save money. A dit cheap in comparison to AC class train.

  • Research in-depth

well research
 research well

If you are keen on saving the moolah, put in the time to research details in-depth about the destination you plan to visit and make efforts to get in touch with the right and trusted people. This will equip you with all the information you need to plan smartly in the budget. Make sure you know about everything cheap there – from the city with the best and cheap budget hotels and cheap food to the cheapest activities and local transport.

  • Travel in off-season

For students and young professionals – who are always coiled under budget constraints, this is the worst time to plan a trip as prices are an all-time high due to high demand. Also, each and every destination has a peak season which perceives high tariffs in modes of transport, resorts and hotels, and other expenses. So it is better to travel in the offseason with low traffic.

  • Travel in a group

The universal rule of expense sharing being directly proportional to effective spending is also applicable while you are on travel. In fact, most travel dreams remain dreams because of the shortage of sufficient funds. But the problem is easy to fix – travel with your best friends and guys and split the expenses on rides, food, and accommodation.

group travel
group travel
  • Use public transport

Public transport makes life so easier for travelers on a tight budget. While a reserved cab always costs a bomb high, the ticket of a local bus only costs a few rupees. In India, especially in north India, roadways cover most attractions of a destination. State buses, along with local rickshaws/ferries– if any, are the cheapest way to go around locally.

  • Choose homestays, not hotels

Homestays are the new-ways love of travelers and they are here to halt. Youngsters these days are open to experiments with the way they travel, the kind of stays they pick, and the experiences they go for. Choosing a homestay over a hotel makes you experience local hospitality, taste local cuisine, local food and visit the most beautiful places near and around. In offbeat places, per night charges for homestays are way cheaper than contemporary hotels and staying in the home is also feels amazing and realistic.

  • Avoid popular markets

Getting lured by exciting products at tourist places is common but it takes real resistance to avoid getting tricked at such markets. The price that you pay at those shops is mostly on the higher side. Instead, head to the local market, where you can strike good bargains.

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