How Not To Get Broke While Travelling Abroad

Travelling around the world is the dream of many people. Everybody dreams of vacations in some foreign places. We don’t always need to have a lot of money to fulfil our dreams but we need to be creative when it comes to managing our finances and working with what we have. We must always make smart uses of our money to get the most from it. This sounds easy but we must know about the various ways to not get broke while travelling aboard and enjoy by spending the minimum amount. 


Ways to not get broke in abroad

1. Having a credit card that doesn’t charge abroad fees – getting a credit/debit card that doesn’t charge abroad fee isn’t that difficult. We will have to carry a card as carrying all the money in cash isn’t possible so it’s better if we apply for the card that doesn’t charge us to avoid unnecessary expense.
2. Booking stays smartly – one of the main parts of any trip is the stay. A large part of the money is spent on the place we would be staying so it is important to choose the place smartly. The accommodation also depends on which whom we are travelling, if we are alone then a hostel is enough but we are travelling with family or friends we will have to consider apartments or hotels.
3. Setting up a travel savings account – we can open a bank account to save money for a trip and keep it inaccessible from our internet banking so that we can’t use that money for other purposes. This is a very effective strategy to save money as the only way to have access to the money will be by visiting the bank.
4. Using WWOOF – World Wide Opportunity on Organic Farms is a platform that links volunteers with organic farms. In return for the assistance, the volunteers get free food, accommodations and a way to learn about organic farming.
5. Doing a home exchange – there is an option of swapping our house with other holidaymakers. Many people are unaware of this option and some aren’t confident about allowing a stranger into their house and spend on accommodations. But this is a good way to save money and enjoy the change.


6. Vacation rentals – there are various websites in which owners offer their second homes on rent. The rents are lesser than hotels or apartments. These vacation rentals offer a lot of privacy, space and value of money.
7. Camping – if we can sacrifice some hotel luxuries then camping is one of the cheapest ways of accommodations. Along with saving money it also gives such memories and moments to cherish from the trips.
8. Always carry the essentials – we should always carry the entire essentials with us so that we don’t need to buy them on the journey. For example, we should carry water bottles, toiletry kits etc. the necessities can be costlier in other countries.
9. Doing things like the locals – it will make our travelling experience more fun if we mingle with the locals of the place. The locals have many tips and tricks to do things in the best and most affordable ways plus it will add value to our journey as we will be able to know the place better.
10. Bargain – it natural that if we are travelling we will buy stuff from the place as gifts or symbols. It’s not that to save money we won’t but things but we must bargain. In most parts of Asia, we see the prices of things are very high in the beginning but with good bargaining skill, we can bring it half.

So all we can understand is that having the dream to travel the world but not have enough money isn’t wrong. We just need to be smart and take up some steps to make the best use of what we have.

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