Hotel vs Hostel vs Airbnb: Where to stay-in on your next trip?

You have a new trip on the horizon. The one you’ve been planning for a really long time and now, you have budget decisions to make. Whether to choose comfort over money. All these decisions can prove to be overwhelming at times. To cut you some slack, we’re here to help you make at least one of those crucial travel decisions i.e., “Accommodation”. 

You need to answer these questions before planning the trip:

  1. Are you going on a vacation?
  2. Is it a work trip?
  3. Are you traveling alone or with a group?
  4.  Do you want a comfortable tourist experience or a more adventurous backpacker story?

 Now comes the most dreaded question of all: Where to stay and have the best experience possible: 

“Hotel”, “Hostel” or “Airbnb”?

Let’s explore each option and get to the bottom of this accommodation situation:


Hotel Room

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If you’re going on a work trip or comfort is on top of your priority than your best choice is a “Hotel”. Hotels have all the creature comforts you can think of(depends on the budget you have):

  • An extensive staff for your service.
  • People for making your bed and doing your laundry.
  • Sometimes a personal workspace which comes in handy if you’re on a work trip.
  • Sometimes have free breakfast and a coffee maker.
  • A common area to get together with other guests.
  • No compromises with the security and generally have good quality locks on the doors.
  • High-speed internet connection to get your work done.
  • Sometimes have a fitness center with spa, saunas and massage facilities.
  • If staying at an expensive place, you can get those sweet touristy balcony pictures overlooking the city.
  • Hotels usually have a travel package and car service to take tourists to all the popular destinations within the city or outside.

Hotels provide comfort, security and several other amenities like fitness centers, restaurants, party lounges, etc. but they’re usually heavy on your pocket.



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If you’re someone who’s on a budget and looking for a more authentic experience then try “Hostels”. Unlike hotels, you’re usually bunking with fellow travelers, although for a little more money you can get a private room in hostels. Let’s see what Hostels have to offer:

  • Rooms are shared along with the bathroom.
  • Hostels have a common kitchen to cook your own food.
  • More sociable than Hotels as you have a common room and common areas to hang out with fellow travelers.
  • Hostels don’t have a service staff to cater to you like a concierge.
  • You need to do the laundry on your own.
  • Security can be compromised as the rooms are usually shared between strange people.
  • Hostels sometimes have chill poolside parties if they have one or Night pub Crawls which can be an incredible opportunity for socializing.
  • Hostels are dirt cheap comparing to hotels. As they don’t put a load on your wallet you can spend that money on other experiences.
  • In general, Hostels are a great option if you’re never going to be inside and you’re on a budget with the possibility of having the most amazing stories to tell your friends afterward.



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The last option on our “where to stay” list is “Airbnb”. I’m sure you’ve either heard about it or stayed in a B&B before but if you haven’t then we’re here to tell you all about them. Basically “Airbnb” is a company that helps tourists and travelers in attaining suitable lodging catering to their specific needs and budget. It also helps people with booking tourist packages to see and experience different places around the world. It does so by having an online market place of a variety of properties and take commission whenever someone books a home. The company doesn’t own any of the properties listed in the market place. Some of the things you get to experience during your stay at an Airbnb home:

  • It is someone’s home, so you’ll get a real sense of being at home away from home…….kinda the point here actually.
  • Sometimes the owner is there to greet you and sometimes they just leave the key under the doormat or with a local establishment.
  • Since its a house, you have access to the kitchen to cook your own food.
  • You have access to a private bathroom, unlike the hostels.
  • You’ll get a real sense of being a Localite in the area and living like one.
  • You can experience the culture of the place reflected in people’s homes during your stay. 
  • It usually costs somewhere in the middle of a good hotel and a hostel.

So, there you have it,  one less thing to worry about whilst planning your next trip to a beautiful and exotic location.

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