Hotel Safety Tips Everyone Should Remember

Finding a hotel with top-notch facilities is easy but how would you know it is safe or not? Hence, there are a lot of things you wouldn’t think of if you don’t do it all the time. Be it work travel or family trip, safety must be at the top of your priority list. And usually, due to plenty of workloads or having fun, we simply overlook safety which can lead us to misfortunes.    

Since personal safety is in our hands, here are some safety tips to keep in mind while staying in the hotel.


Research thoroughly

While searching for the best hotel online, you can use google maps to look at where your hotel resides. Is there any hospital, police station, airport available or not? Also, you can check the review websites for the verified reviews of the hotel. It’s vital to check whether the hotel has security cameras fitted in exterior or interior halls. Furthermore, see if the front desk is staffed round the clock, and if not, what are the security measures do they follow? 

Don’t’ stay on the ground floor

Be it an online booking or offline, never take a room on the ground floor. If rooms are not available, change the hotel immediately but don’t come under the influence of what the staff members say. It’s advisable to stay on between the 3rd and 6th floor of the building, as in case of fire, it is easily reachable through fire engine ladders.


Find the nearest Emergency exit

Perhaps, this is one of the most important yet neglected safety steps. Misfortunes never tell before coming. And, it is the foremost step you must take when checking in the hotel. Knowing the emergency exits of your hotel may help you in case of any fire or emergency.


Never use the hotel’s safe

Nowadays, the luxurious hotels have security safes for their visitors. However, they are easy to break into and they are the first thing to be targetted in case any robbery happens. Never keep your valuable documents or money in the safe. Try to go cashless and use Digi locker for the documents to be safe.

Never keep your door open

Never prop your door open for any reason. Let them knock and then only you must open the door after knowing who is behind, by peeping through the hole. Also, open doors can be a reason for exposing crucial information to an unknown person. Because you never know who is listening.

Check your room lock

Always check your room lock, whether functioning properly or not. Make sure the door has a deadbolt and if it’s not there, inform the staff immediately.

Leave your room with an occupied sign

While leaving to go out, place the “ Room is occupied” sign on your door. It will make anyone think that you are inside.

Keep your eyes on the luggage

Try not to miss the sight of your luggage anywhere you go, not just in the hotel. There are many cases filed against the robbery of luggage when checking in and out of the hotel. From car or cab till your room, take your own luggage into a hotel always. If the hotel boy insists, ask him to just stay with you.

Check everything before checking out

Again, the most important safety step. Sometimes in a hurry of missing a flight or a train, we unknowingly forget our valuables at the hotel only. Do not make this mistake. As, sparing a couple of minutes in checking every corner of your room, might save you a lot of time.  

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