Honeymoon Myths Debunked

“Honeymoon” …enough to give goose bumps to you, if yours is an arranged marriage and if you still shy off before your partner. But believe me; Honeymoons are just a bit over-hyped. Here I will break to you a few honeymoon myths:

Well, the purpose of the Honeymoon is only to give you two some self-contained time to know each other. Knowing each other essentially does not mean only in terms of sexuality (yes, am being gross) but in terms of likes and dislikes, habits and behaviour and response. So first and foremost, you must not have a predefined notion of an ideal honeymoon, for there is no such thing as an ideal honeymoon. It’s just the sync between you two which should strengthen the emotional bond between you two.

But make sure, you do not skip anything that could make it miserable. Here’s a Master Checklist for the same and some common honeymoon myths.

1) You Honeymoon Only Once


“Hum jeete h ek baar, marte v h ek baar, aur ekbaar hi pyarr karte h. Saccha pyar”…par honeymoon definitely multiple times jaa sakte hain wink

What is it??? A law???  Of course, you have budget constraints!! But Honeymoons are meant for only you two to be together, so you could even take weekends off and spend time away in a nearby place. All that is important is you two to be one minded.

2) Be Together Every Second

value space

Well, this should never happen. Take in some time to breathe alone and just be yourself. Even if that means sitting opposite to one another and stay quiet for some time. Sometimes, silence makes more noise. And of course, you need to understand that your soul mate’s soul is tired after the long wedding planning and tiresome rituals.

Again, if she is an adventure seeker, but you are afraid of heights; that doesn’t mean she should refrain from scuba diving. Let her go ahead and you applaud her and read a book waiting for her, if you like doing so.

3) Be Happy All the Time


It is obvious for either of you to get mood swings particularly since it is right after the marriage. So, we advise you to be just yourself. After all, isn’t marriage and love about embracing one another with all the flaws and be together through the thick and thin?

4) Do This and Do That, and Upload Great Images of You Two

no social media

There’s just one thing to say to suffice why it is a myth: “True Happiness and love is not in a bottle of pricey champagne or a lavish watch or a present worth a million, but it is in a million small things.” It is the responsibility of both to take care of the budget restrictions and let the instrument of your life play smooth, in accord.


5) You Need to Go Far Away, For Long and Spend Exotically

Well, it’s an open secret that their “great” implies “enticing”. Your honeymoon. Your rules. Spend it for each other. It’s imperative that you two spend quality time with one another and not only to flag your chemistry on social media. Well, just as some preach; those who upload less on social media, have more remarkable personal lives. So a piece of personal opinion, do keep some memories exclusively for you…which only you two know…and smile like idiots before others…may be in your 70s as well.

So keep calm and enjoy your honeymoon :*

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