Himachal-The Beauty!

Himachal Pradesh in northern India is a place with varied heritage and cultures. It has an abundance of natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes. It is a place where you can just pack your bags and visit for a relaxing getaway or vacation or even your honeymoon.

It is one of the favorite destinations of couples for their honeymoon. It’s cozy weather and scenic beauty can steal your heart at once. There are many reasons to visit this state. Some of them, I will list out for you:

The first one is the breathtaking environment. Himachal Pradesh is a collection of small hill stations. Every hill station has its own unique beauty and charm. It is impossible to explore each and every hill station in one visit. Apart, from key hill stations, there are many remote areas which one must explore while planning a vacation in Himachal Pradesh. The weather here is just so breezy and pleasant as it feels like heaven to whoever visits this place. You can just take a stroll through the streets and you will not be tired. There are much more things to enjoy and explore in Himachal Pradesh. Travellers can visit historic temples, go on trekking, do camping and go on trails to lush green forests.

On second number, there are numerous temples in all the towns of Himachal Pradesh. All the temples are built centuries ago and have some kind of folks and tales related to them. There are many temples namely, Naina Devi temple, Bhoothnath temple, Vashishta temple, Chamunda Devi temple, Jwala Devi temple and many more. Every year, thousands of devotees visit these holy temples and seek blessings. It is said that, whatever is asked it is given to the devotees. Every aspiration turns into reality.

Third, is the culture and tradition. Himachal is very rich in its varied traditions. All the towns have and follow their own customs. The people of Himachal are so welcoming and cordial to the visitors. They are responsible for their land and take every possible measure to preserve it. They celebrate many festivals together and hosts some beautiful fairs which are very famous. It has various famous dishes and cuisines. Some of the dishes are Babru, which is basically like a Kachori, and Madra which is a must-try delicacy cooked with the Chana (peanut). Himachal Pradesh attracts tourists not only from India but the foreign countries as well.

There are many more reasons to visit this beautiful and appealing place but what’s the point if I spill the beans altogether? If you are really longing for a vacation, then you must plan a trip to explore northern India.

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