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Don’t you think everybody needs a health guide to travel? I guess, yes is the answer. Be it a mosquito bite or a petty cold, chances of you falling ill are likely to be more if not taken the right precautions. Perhaps, some situations you can’t avoid but probably prepare yourself to fight. Some people don’t travel at all in the dread of getting into the bed. Moreover, travelling with small babies or pregnant women ask you to pack some special care. And so, you should always have a health guide when out. This article is an ultimate health guide you must follow. Read on!

1: See Your Doctor Before You Travel:

It’s advisable to meet your doctor and know about you and your family’s medical conditions before moving on. And, if you are sick, do not travel by plane, it could be dangerous. Also, check with your doctor when it’s safe to exit.

2: Plan According To Your Destination’s Medical Facilities:

Depending on where you are heading to, where you will stay, the length of your trip, the activities you are planning to do, expect your medical facilities like medicines, vaccines, note down the nearby doctor’s clinic address and phone number in case of emergency.

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3: Avoid Infections:

Being a crowded place can also make you sick. Meeting new people and shaking hands with them can take you close to getting infected. Grocery stores, shopping malls also tops the list of places you can be contaminated by. A vital thing, be aware of sick people around you, always carry sanitizers in your backpack.

4: Prevent Bug Bites

Prevent bugs bites including mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and some flies by using insect repellent all over your body, dressing appropriately (Cover your legs and arms with clothes), using mosquito netting around your bed. That would be enough to avoid bug bites diseases.

5: Food and Drink Safety

Some do’s and don’ts, which must be followed by everyone are:
1) Eat and serve hot food.
2) Wash every fruit and vegetable before eating and peeling.
3) Always drink from factory-sealed bottles.
4) Be careful of the contaminated things.

1) Avoid food from a Buffet.
2) Avoid eating street food.
3) Don’t drink tap water.
4) Don’t drink juice squeezed from street stalls.

6: Pack Smart:

Pack according to your destination and its climate conditions as it plays a very vital role in maintaining your health at a different place. Prescriptions, medicines, supplies to prevent illness, packed food, inhalers, sanitizers and many more things to pack for a successful trip.

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7:Safety in Cold Climate:

Cold climates can also cause you cold-related injuries. Not wearing warm clothes, waterproof shoes, getting in touch with already infected persons are some of the reasons that will raise your odds of becoming ill. Try to keep yourself dry, wear a wind-resistant coat or jacket, hats and scarves. Also, it’s essential not to ignore the symptoms of a cold like shivering.

8:Prevent Heat-Related Sickness:

Spending too much time in the heat can be one of the reasons for heat-related sickness. Drink plenty of water or non-alcoholic drinks, stay in the shadows, don’t overexpose yourself into the sun and try to wear loose clothes as much as possible. Following these tips can prevent you from heat-related sickness.

9:Be Prepared For Natural Disasters:

Natural Disasters are the most unexpected thing that could happen to anyone. And, it can injure people in a more significant number. We can’t prevent natural disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, etc., but can be prepared to ensure our safety. Therefore, note down the safe places, make a health kit, so that you don’t run short of first-aid supplies and always keep a soft copy of your documents such as
passport, license, prescriptions.

10:How To Deal With Motion Sickness:

Are you one of those people who are allergic to motion? If yes, this one’s for you. While on a bus, car or train, people usually can’t avoid motion sickness and vomit out. However, you can prevent this situation by keeping medicines together or opt for the place you feel comfortable, during transportation. For example, sit in front when in a car or try procuring a single cabin on the ship.

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