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We all know the story about ‘GOA PLANS’ right? It always ends up getting cancelled and yet, being fully aware of the destination, we make plans anyway and end up landing nowhere but on Netflix. The ones who end up on trips are the ones who curate a practical trip such as something as simple as a road trip. Road tripping throughout the nation has been on my bucket list for a while, more after watching movies like Karwaan & Piku, and I always have a playlist ready because you never know when you get in the mood for a road trip, right? The best part about road trips is the fact that they are super spontaneous and executable.

You don’t need reservations, and you don’t need a reasonable budget, you don’t need to go through the worry of catching the last train or flight. All you need is a car, good buddies, playlist, and how can we forget Google maps. Road trips are a perfect getaway in case you’ve had a tough week at work or need rejuvenation from the monotonous life. Moreover, are an excellent reason to explore the hidden spots near your city or even unexplored routes away from urban survival to keep you at peace. I often feel more refreshed and focused after a short trip and it sure gives a new direction and perspective in case one has been working on for a long time.

After my interest got elevated in road trips, I researched a little more on the topic to which I came to know about the most famous roads travelled by in India; these beauties just cannot be missed.


Most Affordable Countries You Must Travel To

Topping the list has to Maravanthe-the only road in India having River on one side and Arabian sea on another. Its Serene beauty is sure to leave you mesmerized.


Much deserving second position has to be the Jaisalmer Route filled with cold sand deserts and windmills on sides and mirage illusions on roads.


Manali to Leh bikers road trip is one of its kind too with visitors and explores visiting throughout the year.


Darjeeling to Pelling, a route filled with the aroma of fresh tea leaves and the air is one time of experience too. You’ll not only get good tea on your way but Serene beauty throughout. If these destinations don’t make you want to go on a road trip, I don’t know what will. If you’re
too tired of life, take a quick road trip to your nearby places and make sure to explore hidden gems while you’re at it.

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