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India’s ancient history is filled with the glories and gifts offered by rulers. One of them is given by Mughal emperors, which is Mughal gardens. The beautiful gardens have magnificent architecture and elegance which fascinates the eyes of a beholder.  A blend of nature with an Islamic or Persian style of charbagh is what you will see in many of the Mughal gardens. As far as gardens can be seen, you will only love the Greenery spread all around. Moreover, fountains, pools, and blooming flowers act as a cherry on the cake.  

Here, listing some of the eye-catching Mughal gardens in India which you must like to see


Rashtrapati Bhawan

Located in Delhi, Rashtrapati Bhawan is an official home of The President of India. Inspired by the Mughal gardens of Jammu & Kashmir and Taj Mahal in Agra, the garden was built by Sir Edwin Lutyens for Lady Harling. Situated behind the majestic building, this garden is divided into three sections named Pearl Garden, Butterfly Garden, and Circular Garden. One will find lush greenery and different species of flowers but mainly rose.


Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is also known as “Symbol of Love”. Situated in Agra, the garden was designed by Ali Mardan who has also designed Shalimar Garden in Jammu & Kashmir. The Complex is surrounded by the Charbagh or Persian garden between the tomb and gateway. Moreover, this Mughal Garden has pathways with a raised marble lotus-tank in between. Also, trees and fountains make this garden look more wonderful.   


Humayun’s Tomb

This Mughal garden is situated in Delhi and the was the first garden-tomb of India. It is a charbagh garden surrounding the tomb of the Mughal emperor, Humayun. Furthermore, Humayun’s tomb garden is divided into four squares with the help of paved pathways between them.   


Yadavindra Gardens

Located in the Panchkula district of Harayana, the fascinating garden is also known as Pinjore gardens. This Mughal garden is consists of seven terrace having palaces built on three of the terraces. Moreover, the garden has a temple and a museum which are well connected with illuminated pathways.   



Shalimar Bagh

One of the most attractive gardens in India is situated in Srinagar. Built by emperor Jahangir for his beloved wife, the Mughal garden is known as Shalimar garden. The garden has three terraces with nature, Mountains, dal lake, water canals surrounding it offers a wonderful sight. 



Nishat Bagh

Located on the eastern side of Dal lake, is the second-largest Mughal garden in Srinagar. Nishat Bagh is a twelve terraced garden divided into two subsections and both the sections are watered by Gopi Thirst, which is a spring. Moreover, the view of Pir Panjal never fails to mesmerize the visitors.


Brindavan gardens

Situated in Mysore, it is India’s one of the most beautiful gardens. This popular tourist destination is inspired by the Shalimar garden in Srinagar. The Mughal garden has three terraces apart from fountains, foliage plants, and floral plants. Moreover, Brindavan gardens lie next to Krishnarajasagara Dam. 



Verinag is a small town that falls under the Anantnag district of Jammu & Kashmir. Built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, the garden is well-known for its enchanting beauty. Moreover, it is the first tourist spot of Kashmir Valley. The rectangular-shaped Mughal garden has a total area of 5.30 hectares. This garden comprises of an octagonal tank resembling Hindu idols along with an old temple.

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