Do’s you should keep in mind during a Trek

Trekking is no child’s play as you might be well aware. It needs some serious preparing even if you are just starting out on an easy trek. The beginner’s trek in the Himalayas still needs some serious preparations.

In this article, we are going to focus on the do’s you need to keep in mind when planning for a trip to Himachal. These are some of the most important tips and tricks that will help you ace that trip and enjoy yourself.

1. DO start the fitness regime early on

You need a good amount of planning and plotting for your trip before the actual trip. Though you will opt for a beginner’s trek, it’s still important to have a certain level of physical fitness.

Start by planning out for the trip at least 4-5 months in advance. Once you are sure of the time you want to visit start scheduling some exercise into your daily regime. Also include yoga for regulating your breathing.

There are certain exercises that help in strengthening your core muscle and certain that strengthen your limbs. For a trek it is important to have stronger limb muscles. So, change your gym routine to include more of these exercises. Talk to your gym trainer and ask him to make suitable differences in your rotini.

In case you don’t visit the gym, you can start prepping in your homes itself. Use filled backpacks and practice walking long distances. Try visiting some local small spots with rugged terrain and practice walking.

2. DO choose the right type of luggage

While we know that you will opt for a backpack but we would advise you to specifically go for a travel backpack. This is specially designed for weather conditions you might encounter along with really good pockets and holders.

It is especially good for trekkers and mountaineers and has many different chains to carry your stuff suitable. Equipped with bottle pockets, charging pockets, and nametags, these help you carry the luggage around suitably.

3. DO carry the right amount of luggage

You might need a lot of things and feel like carrying it all. But, this is a strict no-no. Make a list of all the things you might need on the trek. Then narrow it down to the most essential stuff only.

Carry the minimum amount of clothes and carry clothes you can layer. Layering helps keep you warmer than wearing just a single piece of heavy clothing. It also helps you dress up or dress down as per the weather conditions.

Make an investment in a good quality jacket or windcheater because it will help you a lot. It can be worn during heavy snow or even rains alike to keep you heated and warm.

4. DO choose the correct shoes

This is the most important investment that you need to make for the best trekking experience. Splurge all that you want on this specific piece because they’re very important.

Make sure you get the right fir, neither too small nor too big. If needed scour through hundreds of stores but find the right fit. This is because your shoes are going token you snug and warm as well as help you with the actual hiking.

Also, make sure, there’s room if you wear socks or woolen stockings before wearing your shoes. Moreover, they should not be itchy. You don’t want a stupid blister spoiling your entire trek, do you?

5. DO keep yourself hydrated

No, just because you are in very cold weather and feel less thirsty, it does not mean that your body needs no water.

Rather, trekking is a very tiring and draining sport. Your body keeps using up its freshwater reservoir and so you need to keep refilling it.

Carry at least three bottles of normal water along with a thermos flask of hot water when you go on the trek. The hot water flask will also help you make a warm cuppa of chai or even soupy cuppa noodles for a quick fix.

6. DO carry food and groceries

Make sure you carry some filling snacks like the cup noodles, coffee sachets, and tea bags. Carry more warm food. Also, carry raisins and nuts to keep you full and warm.

Also carry an emergency kit consisting of torches, batteries, and other first-aid like Dettol, aspirin, and some cotton wool.

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