How to stay safe while traveling.

Dont’s you need to keep in mind while planning a Trek

Trekking is difficult and it needs a lot of preparation. There are many things you need to keep in mind while trekking. We have a list of dont’s that we have listed below.

Make sure you keep these in mind when you plan the next trip. We have also an article about the Do’s you need to follow. Make sure to give it a read as well.

1. DON’T Over Pack your luggage :

This is the most important thing you need to keep in mind. List out just the essentials that you need while on the trek. Leave out all the unnecessary clothes like extra sweaters or jackets. Carry just one heavyweight windcheater with you.

When packing also you should try to keep the light stuff like slippers or shawls in your backpack while wearing all your heavy jackets and shoes on.

2. DON’T run or walk slowly :

You need to maintain the right pace when you are out trekking. Do not run or walk too fast or too slow as this can cause a lot of problems. If you end up brisk walking from the start, you will tend to get breathless and will not be able to save energy for the entire trek.

Also, if you walk too slowly then you might tend to get a little lazy and feel slack. So, make sure you keep a moderate pace when you walk.

3. DON’T Leave your trekking group :

We all love exploring and sometimes feel like wandering off alone. But, this can turn very chaotic and bad for you. It is very important to always stay with your trekking group since you are new to the terrain and surroundings. You might get lost.

Moreover, you may end up wandering in areas with very remote signals or no signals. It might also be uninhabited. This can create very difficult situations for you.

So, it is best to enjoy while sticking together. Have all the fun you want but stay close to them.

4. DON’T have the other type of “Fun”

Though you may think it’s cool to smoke cigarettes or have a can of beer, please stay away from it. Abstain from using any sort of artificial things to have fun.

While on a trek it’s very important you be in your right senses because you need to concentrate on the road. You might wander off or even get severe headaches if you indulge in such activities.

Also, if you are with your trekking group, cigarette smoke can be very disturbing to the others. Please keep in mind everyone’s comforts when traveling together.

5. DON’T spoil mother nature

Do not pollute the beautiful nature when you are enjoying its beauty. Take conscious efforts to preserve and conserve its beauty.

There will be times when you might use nature and hillsides to answer nature’s call. But, then please make sure you cover it up well and don’t leave it as it is.

Try to minimize using plastics especially packaged water. Try carrying steel or metal bottles that you can refill as and when needed.

6. DON’T forget the Travel Insurance

It is very important to always stay prepared in case of emergencies when traveling. This is a general tip but even more important if you are going trekking.

There is always a risk of fracture of falling when mountaineering so, make sure to have solid and strong insurance for the worst-case scenarios.

7. DON’T break off contact completely

Though you might want to enjoy your own company, make sure you stay in touch with at least the nearest ones. Keep your family and parents informed wherever you go, to ensure your safety as well as keeping them at bay from worries.

This will also help them locate you if anything does by any chance go wrong.

8. DON’T forget to enjoy yourself

At last, just don’t forget to let go of your worries on the trip. Ditch those artificial gadgets like phones when trekking and just soak in mother nature.

Avoid watching that show when you camp at nights and instead try building a beautiful bonfire. Have fun creating memories rather than watching some memories.

With these tips in mind, you will surely make a great trekking experience for yourself and those around you.

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