Delhi: the cuisine capital of India .

Whenever I think of tasty lip-smacking street food only one place comes to my mind Delhi. Delhi is the national capital territory of Delhi, it is a city and a union territory which consist of new Delhi the capital of India. The only thing that hits my mind when I think about food in Delhi. Other than the lip-smacking street food and being highly mistaken as the capital of India Delhi is a beautiful blend of ancient and modern together. It’s home to a million dreams. The surprising part about Delhi is even after all these years it has two different parts one where a person can find classical stuff like old Havells, narrow lanes, colourful bazaars and old monuments and on the other hand one can find metros, megastructures, fabulous eating places, etc in new Delhi. It’s a region where history and culture meet technology and modernity. Well, let’s get back to the main topic Delhi the cuisine capital of India.

Delhi and its cuisines –

Delhi is one of the most popular regions for food because obviously, it consists of the famous Chandni chowk one can find traditional Indian food here as well as foreign food here. It is consist of all types of cuisines below I’m gonna state some of the most famous dishes and famous places where you can get in Delhi aka cuisine capital

1]Parathas is a roti like a dish with just a thicker layer and perhaps some good filling. Delhi is particularly famous for its different types of parathas like aloo(potato) Paratha, Gobhi(cauliflower) Paratha, matter(peas) Paratha recently they introduced more variety like lentils, carrots, Fenugreek, cheese, mixed, etc.


  • Pt Gaya Prasad Shiv charan
  • Kanhaiya Lal Durga prasad’s parantha shop
  • Pandit Devi dalals
  • And many more

2]Chaat the real spice of the street food. The original chaat is a mixture of potato pieces, crispy fried bread, Dahi Bhalla, gram and tangy-salty spices. There is a lot of variety in this and every variety has something different some new spice some tangy tingling taste to offer. My personal favourite is aloo Tikki with different variations.

  • Shops-
  • Shree Balaji Chaat Bhandar
  • Bishan Swaroop
  • Lala Babu Chaat Bhandar
  • And many more

3] Kachori yet another famous dish which is a stomach filling and a delight for your tongue. It is yet another delicacy it is stuffed with various pulses, potatoes, vegetables, chutneys, etc. One can find some really tasty kachoris at Jung Bahadur Kachori Wala.

4] For all the non-veg lovers one can find some really tasty fresh fish, chicken, mutton, etc near the Jama masjid area. The area is filled with chicken aroma and is a delight for nonveg lovers. One can find tikkas and kebabs wrapped in rumali roti at incredibly low prices. For all the gravy lovers one can find nihari, paya, kheeri, etc here. This area is particularly famous for its mutton korma, Shammi kabab, Shahjahan kebab. One can definitely not miss this side because every dish here is authentic and filled with spice.

5] And obviously at the end of such delicious cuisines, there must be an end game which is the sweet and juicy deserts.

  • Rabdi falooda here is like a necessity nobody can miss it and it is found at Giani di Haiti other than falooda this place is also famous for exotic flavoured ice creams like litchi, bubblegums, cranberry, etc.
  • Well, falooda is for the cold sweet lovers if you like warm crisp deserts one cannot miss out on the tasty jalebis found at the entrance of Dariba Kalan. It is amazing pretzel-shaped food soaked in syrup and it feels fried.
  • For all the ice cream lovers out there they can’t miss out on the Indian version of ice creams kulfis. Which is basically frozen milk flavoured stuff served with different syrups and add ons One can find some really tasty at Siya Ram Nannumal Kulfiwale.

Well for all the food lovers out there this an area one must really visit this area it’s something no one can miss out on. It’s a city for foodies and food bloggers. The only area where you’ll get mouth orgasms through street food and still be safe.

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