Complete Travel Guide to Kinnaur : Weather, Transport, Accommodation and Places of Interest

Kinnaur is one of the most scenic cities in the whole of Himachal Pradesh. Unlike its very touristy counterparts, its less crowded and more fun. It makes for some of the best tourist destinations for your wanderlust soul. Read on for a complete guide to this beauty!

When to Visit?

1. March to April

This is the best time to visit this gorgeous city. It has great weather with spring just coming in.

2. May to August

The place starts getting crowded at the start of May and by August its full-fledged monsoon here.

3. September to March

This starts with the easy-breezy winter months when the valley goes green and colorful. There are many fun activities to enjoy in the snow in November and December. Avoid traveling during peak winters though since the roads get crammed and landslides are a common occurrence.

How to Reach?

1. By Air

You can book a flight to Shimla and then reach Kinnaur by bus or hire a cab.

2. By Train

Kalka is the nearest railway station from where you can reach Kinnaur by car. You can also take a detour by reaching Shimla by train (don’t forget to enjoy a joy ride in the toy train while in Shimla) and then coming further to Kinnaur.

3. By Road

This is the best way to travel since you get to enjoy a long drive through amazing hillsides and trees. Hire a cab or even a drive around car and enjoy the lush countryside.

Another good option are the Kinnaur HRTC buses which are the state govt run buses. There are direct buses available to Sangla and Reckong Peo from Shimla, Delhi, and even Chandigarh.

Where to Stay?

Once, you reach the most important thing is getting good accommodation. We have listed options available ranging from budget-friendly to lavish spending.

1. Budget-Friendly stays

If you are at Chitkul, then you should stay at Amar Guest House where you will get a room for 500-700 INR. In Sangla, the Baspa Guest House will also give you rooms in a similar price range. Chinni Bungalow is a great homestay in Kalpa for those on a tight budget and you also get to enjoy some luxury.

2. Medium Range Stays

The Wanderer’s Nest has great rooms to stay at the rates of 1000-2000 INR per night. In Sangla, you can stay at the Lake View Standard rooms at the same costs. Kalpa Deshang is another good homestay in Kalpa where you can stay for medium budgets.

3. Splurge on luxurious stays

In Kalpa, The Monk by Livingstone is one of the most luxurious places to stay and you may end up lazing around your entire vacation. Wooden House in Sangla is another great place to stay. The Alpine Nest also offers rooms at 5000+ INR.

Places of Interest

1. Chitkul

Located on the extreme borders, it is touted to be the last inhabited village in India. A little hamlet on the Indo-Chinese border, it is a hidden gem in the true sense.

2. Sangla

This beautiful valley is located in the hilly state of Himachal Pradesh. With breathtaking scenery around you, it is a traveler’s delight. The mountains are covered with snow through the chilly winters and can be used for a variety of activities like skiing and trekking.

The enjoyable fishing activities are also carried out in the Baspa river which flows through this beautiful valley. Trouts are some of the famous and prized catches in here.

Other than this, it also has many architectural wonders like temples and forts for spending some time meandering around. Also famous for luscious fruits like the Fed apples and juicy cherries, make sure you carry some of these homes!

3. Roghi Village

This is a quaint little village near Kalpa. It is filled with dangerous slopes and hilly terrains. Enjoy a mystical sight of the snow-capped mountains and lush green valleys.

4. Kalpa

This hamlet is the most important village in Kinnaur district. The mighty Sutlej river flows through this scenic town and leaves you enthralled at its beauty. Don’t forget to enjoy a beautiful sunrise while sitting on a mountain top or even from the comfort of your guest cottages.

This village also boasts of rich flora and fauna with various coniferous trees and vibrantly colored birds. The red apples from here are a major attraction and known for their hiney like sweetness.

It also has various temples and monasteries like Narayan-Nagini Temple and Hu-Bu-lan_Kar Buddhist Monastery. Have fun with a long but fulfilling trek to the beautiful Roghi village on the mountainside.

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