Common Travel Packing Mistakes

Traveling is the time to make memories with your friends or family, distress, renew relationships and experience new cultures of the destination. Traveling comes with packing, which isn’t as glamorous as traveling. No matter how many times we check our suitcases and lists it is almost impossible to not forget something. And when this happens we either need to but that thing or continue the trip without it. To avoid this let us get through the list of the common travel making mistakes people make. Reading about them will help us avoid them and make the most out of our trip.

  1. Throwing away the packing list too soon – many people don’t like using lists but lists are very helpful when it comes to not forgetting something. There are various small-small things which we don’t always remember to take but are very important for the trip like sunglasses; sunscreen etc. for such things making lists is a good option. Also, many people throw the lists as soon as they get their bags packed but lists should be kept till the last moment.
  2. Folding – rolling instead of folding is one of the golden rules of packing. It not only helps us cram more clothes in luggage but also prevents wrinkles. We can even use rubber bands on the rolls to keep them in place and make everything more organized.
  3. Packing the toiletries properly – we should always assume something can leak, so while carrying shampoo, hair gel, mouthwash etc. it is important we keep them separate from other things, especially the items which can be potentially harmed by liquids. Toothpaste is a high-priority item, but most of the time we forget to take it. We can find small tubes of toothpaste in most of the hotels but if we want our favourite brand or toothpaste for sensitive teeth than we might have to scour the city.
  4. Taking two backpacks – nowadays, many people take two backpacks or suitcases. This is one of the biggest mistakes. Why would we want to hassle carrying two bags around crowded airports and busy streets? We should always try to carry only one backpack or luggage it makes it easier to carry.
  5. Taking too many shoes – we can’t fold or roll shoes; we can’t do anything to make the shoes take less space. So the best thing we can do is to leave some pair at home and take a maximum of two pairs in our bag. We should consider taking flip-flops especially while travelling to warm areas.
  6. Checking the weather forecast – the clothes and items we will carry in our bags depend on the weather of the destination. Most of the people make this mistake of not checking the weather forecasts of the place. We should always be prepared for rainy weather.
  7. Sharing suitcases (for couples) – while travelling as a couple its logical for each one to have their suitcase. But there is always a probability that one of our suitcases gets lost or misplaced and then we will have to wait. If we pack separately, one of the partners will have a hard time in such a situation whereas if we divide the things into two different suitcases, we will be prepared for the worse.
  8. Taking too many beauty products and forgetting the essentials – many people don’t want to interrupt their skincare regime while travelling and that’s why they try to pack as many beauty products as possible. It is very important to take care of the skin to prevent wrinkles, sun spots etc. as we pack we must assure we take the essentials like sunscreen.

We can make the most of our trip if we avoid making these mistakes and take all the items. Making such mistakes will hamper our trip and we won’t be able to enjoy.


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