Offbeat things to do in Spiti Valley

The trip to the Middle Land or the Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh is an experience that captures the imagination of travellers and is arguably the first-rate road trip in India. Capture the Imagination with these Offbeat things to do in Spiti Valley

Here are must-do things whilst in Spiti Valley:

1. Nako village walk:

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A walk around the tiny hamlet of Nako is an ought to for absolutely everyone who plans on travelling Spiti Valley from the Kinnaur route. Even although Nako falls below Kinnaur district; the village which mean to Capture the Imagination with these Offbeat things to do in Spiti Valley. Surrounded with the range of mountains; the village is nestled around a very incredibly lake by way of the identical title. It is like a maze with several lanes and by-lanes and homes made of mud and stone. There are tiny, lovable animal pens outdoor all homes in the village.

2. The Mummy village:

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Believe it or not, the village of Gue has a mummy. A lama (monk) who has been mummified used to be located in the course of a navy excavation and was once positioned in a tomb in the Valley in the 12 months 1975. According to carbon dating, the mummy is believed to be around five hundred to 600 years old. The mummy is in a squatting role dressed in silk robes. The enamel and hair are nonetheless nicely preserved and the mummy is saved in a glass chamber in a small enclosure shut to the Gompa.

3. Monastery remains in Tabo:

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Monastery Stays are constantly stunning however a night continue to be at Tabo Monastery is like none other. The monastery was once established in 996 AD and is the 2d oldest after the monastery in Lhasa, Tibet. The rooms in the monastery visitor residence are made out of mud and sandalwood and provide visitors with a specialist as soon as in a lifetime probability to spend a night time in the monastery the place the modern-day Dalai Lama will be retiring in.

4. Meditate in the monastery:

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Spiti Valley is domestic to numerous monasteries and most of which are over 600-800 years historical and are broadly speaking constructed out of mud, stone and the interiors are performed up with sandalwood. The monasteries of Tabo, Dhankar, Komik and Key have controversial great places and are perfect for every person who is searching to spend time meditating.

5. Star Gaze:

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The altitude of inhabited villages in Spiti Valley levels from 10,000-15,500 ft above sea stage and at this excessive altitude big-name staring at is an absolute delight. The villages of Tabo, Dhankar, Kibber, Komik, Lossar are best locations to simply sit down and seem up to the heaves and spot one if no longer a dozen taking pictures of stars and a phase of the Milky Way if fortune favours you in the course of your time there.

6. Selfie at Komik:

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If selfies are your thing, then the village of Komik is the area to take one at. At 15,027 above sea level, the village is one of the very best in the world. The bowl-shaped village and its colourful monastery make the best spot to take your selfies.

7. Send a postcard:

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While in Spiti Valley, do go to the village of Hikkim which is sandwiched between the village of Komik and Langza. Hikkim boasts of the very best put up work in the world (14,400 above sea-level) and sending a postcard to a cherished one from this altitude is something which will go a lengthy way in telling them how lots they depend on you.

8. Fossil Hunting:

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In the villages close to Langza and Hikkim, it’s not possible to now not seem to be round for round 5 minutes and now not locate a fossil. The children from the village will additionally come up to you and strive to promote your fossils. Fossils make a desirable memento from the place.

9. Experience a homestay:

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The fantastic way to ride the way of life and get an experience of Spiti Valley is to spend a night time in a humble domestic stay. Home remain alternatives are on hand all over the valley and some of the exceptions are in the village of Kibber and Langza.

10. Refuel at the very best gasoline station:

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A pit that gives up gasoline at Kaza is a default one for anyone who is journeying to Spiti Valley, seeing that it is the sole gasoline station in the complete valley and additionally the best possible industrial retail gasoline station in the world.

11. World’s most treacherous road:

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While drawing near Spiti Valley from the Kinnaur route you will bypass via roads which have been reducing thru the mountains, cliff-hanging tunnels and phase of the street which have sing board warning guests of stones falling from excessive above. This belt of the Himalayan roads is dubbed to be the world’s most treacherous avenue and a roadblock due to the fact of the unexpected landslide triggered via falling rocks and boulders is a positive shot whilst on the road.

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So Comment us your favourite ones. Have a happy time with Kinnaur Tourism.


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