Borders Of India You All Should Visit Once

When we talk about India’s Borders, the first name we come up with Wagah Border. And, it’s pretty obvious, Wagah Border situated in Amritsar is the most famous amongst all the International Borders of India. Furthermore, the fact it became so famous, we all know it shares a boundary with Pakistan. The International Border of India is the third-largest in the world after China and Russia. Didn’t you get a patriotic feeling reading this?  Moving on, Let’s know about some of the borders of India so you can visit there. However, remember, not all borders are open for tourists.

1: Wagah Border(India-Pakistan)

The Border located in Amritsar Punjab is visited by thousands of people to witness the Retreat ceremony performed every day by armed forces. It lies on the Grand Trunk Road between Amritsar and Lahore.

2: Nathu-La Pass(India-China)

A significant border situated in Sikkim offers a scenic view to the Indian nationals. However, you must have a special permit to visit. Nathu La Pass is at the height of 4310 m above sea level and is 54 km away from Gangtok.

3: Jaigaon(India-Bhutan)

India-Bhutan Border, Jaigon is a hectic border town situated in Bhutan. The main draw is accessibility to the cheap accommodations and shopping at the Indian side of the border. Jaigaon also consists of a gate known as Bhutan Gate.

4: Dawki(India-Bangladesh)

Located in the beautiful state of Meghalaya, it is the friendliest and adequate place for nature lovers. Both Indians and Bangladeshi people come and enjoy this paradise.

5: Dhanushkodi(India-SriLanka)

The mainland at the tip of Pamban island separates the only and an essential land border between India and SriLanka and by Palk Strait.

6: Sanauli(India-Nepal)

The Indo-Nepal border is a popular passing point among India and Nepal. Visit this spot to witness the crowded streets and individuals occupied with their everyday life.

7: Pangong Lake(India-China)

This India-China Border is mainly Known for its royal beauty with the surroundings. This lake stretches out from India to China associating both these nations.

8: Rann of Kutch(India-Pakistan)

This India-Pakistan Border located in Kutch, and this is another must-visit spot. This seasonally marshy region is known for its alluring beauty and associating India and Pakistan.

9: Longewala(India-Pakistan)

Another famous border town, Longewala is a must-visit place located in the western part of Jaisalmer district. The border remarks the Battle of Longewala during Indo-Pak war in 1971.

10: Moreh(India-Myanmar)

Moreh is an Indian town located on India-Myanmar border. And, Myanmar side of town is called Tamu. The border offers a chance to behold the scenic beauty to the visitors.

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