Best Travel Books To Save You From Exhaustion

Who’s tired of being at home? I think we all are. However, don’t be careless, stay home, wash your hands, practice social distancing, and do whatever it takes to keep you safe. Apart from this, how about going on a date with your travel partner? That’s right! But not outside at your home only. Make a glass of Dalgano coffee(as its trending) and take your favorite travel books away from your fam. As we all know, books are everybody’s best friend as well as they can take you on an imaginary voyage away from the real world. And trust me, you can spend hours reading travel books.

Get ready to prepare your reading list. These books will influence your mind in the right way.

Have a look!

“The Rings of Saturn” By W.G. Sebald

Whenever we talk about travel, this book has to be on top of the list. “ The Ring of Saturn” records a walking tour of the Eastern Coast of England. It contains a philosophy for travelers who want to scratch beneath the surface of a destination. Perhaps, as more you will read, you might know where it will lead you.


“A Moveable Feast( Life Changing Food Adventures Around The World)”  edited by Don George

Some people can’t live without food while some are obsessed with traveling. What if we combine the two? This masterpiece includes the tales of 38 foodies around the world. Short stories from famous chefs, writers, and foodies, all in the same book.

(Do comment which one is your favorite.)

“The Art of Travel” By Alain de Botton

With so much travel literature telling us where to go, we can lose sight of the purpose behind traveling at all. Alain de Botton’s “The Art of Travel” serves as a reminder of the how and why when it comes to hitting the road, said Michelle Halpern, a travel blogger. And, I think you got your reason to pick up this book, don’t you?

“The Alchemist” By Paulo Coelho

Most travelers are searching for something on their adventures, whether it’s amazing archeological sites or the most delicious meal. But while you’re busy seeking something external, you usually end up discovering a piece of yourself you never knew was there. That’s exactly what happens in Paulo Coelho’s book, “The Alchemist,”

“A Woman Alone: Travel Tales From Around the Globe” edited by Faith Conlon, Ingrid Emerick, and Christina Henry de Tessan

This book is for people who have a fear of going solo. The sheer number of “what ifs” when considering a solo trip is enough to keep many travelers at home. “A Woman Alone” will help you conquer the fear of exploring alone and encourage you to do it on your own terms.

“The Adventures of Tintin” By Herge

What could be more inspiring to a young traveler (or older nomads who are still young at heart) than the action-packed adventures of a reporter and his little dog wandering the world? “‘The Adventures of Tintin’ by Belgian cartoonist Hergé is a comic series that will take you to Egypt, Congo, Tibet, and even the moon.

“Blue Highways: A Journey Into America” by William Least Heat-Moon

Big cities draw the majority of tourists, but smaller towns have just as much to offer, according to author William Least Heat-Moon. ‘Blue Highways’ is the perfect travel story of an average guy visiting average places and having extraordinary experiences.”

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