Best Travel Blogs To Help You Plan Your Trip To The Himalayas !

Travel Blogs are some of the best tools to help plan a perfect trip. They look after your various needs and the articles are targeted with a general audience in mind. They have various write-ups with regard to various different topics that help you plan a trip in the right way.

The Himalayas and planning a trip to it can be a daunting task. At such a time it would be great to have some handy blogs to browse and read through to get an idea about the place. It will help you plan and chalk out a good trip.


This is a great blog to follow for some good articles on traveling and travel planning. It has a special emphasis on the Indian Himalayas and you will find a variety of articles related to it.

It covers all the Northern states as well as has some blogs about generalized tips and tricks to remember. Thus, it will help you plan a trip to the T!


As the name suggests, this blog is specially dedicated to all the places and destinations to visit in India. There are many blogs about the Indian Himalayas and valleys on the site.

There are also a few articles that provide a complete charting on various Himachali places like Kullu as well as other snowy areas like Jammu, Kashmir, and Uttarakhand.


It is a great and astonishing blog about Kinnaur! From places to visit the best time to visit, we have you covered. There is an article providing a complete trip guide too!

Along with this, there are various other articles about places in Himachal and around. There are articles to even help you with the actual packing so that you don’t miss out on the right stuff or overpack.

Articles are dedicated to trekking, adventure sports and other fun stuff to do in Himachal. Other articles are also available dedicated to other places in India and abroad to help you grasp some ideas about traveling to other places as well.


Another blog dedicated to holidaying and traveling in India, it has many travel blogs dedicated to many different places in India. You can follow it for some great content all over.

There are also hotel suggestions, planning suggestions and first hand experiences accounted on the site. read it to find some inspiration as well as act as a guide for the next trip.


100 percent recommended for all adventure enthusiasts and travel lovers. From amateur trekkers to beginner noobs, there is something on offer for everyone.

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They have various articles about the best treks in Himalayas, there are also articles for various levels of trekkers so you can choose the destination you want to visit according to your needs and desires.


This is another refreshing blog dedicated solely to the Indian Himalayas. It has various articles listed to help you explore and travel these beautiful destinations virtually.

There are special travel routes for you to read and choose from so that you know exactly what places to visit to get the maximum thrill from the experience.


From the latest COVID updates at the Himalayan places to old-time great destinations to visit, this blog has it all. It has various subheadings. This helps to keep it organized to browse through. Logo

Favourite treks, trip ideas and latest stories are some areas through which you can browse. This helps you read true traveling experiences to help you be prepared about what to expect in terms of weather, climate and food.


He is a travel blogger and junkie who documents the places he visits through his own blog. There are real-life photographs that he has put in from his own travels through the beautiful Himalayas.

The blog also has various offbeat and unknown places to visit in the Indian Himalayas. Many hidden gems are present in the blog. There are many pictures too!

Thus, we hope by reading and browsing through these very informative and beautifully designed blogs you can find some food for thought. These will help you read and plan a great trip to the place you want to visit in the majestic Himalayas! Have a great and safe trip!

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