Best Restaurants in Delhi-NCR Which Deliver the Tastiest Food

Hello foodies, Welcome to another of my article which offers you a tasty and an unforgettable ride of eateries. Now this one is all about how much of a foodie you are. The restaurants that are featured here tend to offer some of the most explicit food in the whole of Delhi! This article will tell you all you need to know about the best restaurants in Delhi-NCR. Delhi is a place where you can get food at cheap rates and moreover the food quality is splendid there.

All right foodies let’s not waste much time over going round and round about things. Getting straight to the point now, Are you ready for a mouth-watering journey foodies?

Well then let me make your mouth drool then!

The Rose Cafe, Saket, Delhi:

To kick off things, We have the rose cafe, which is a pretty romantic type cafe. It is a cafe that tends to offer some good meals and this place feels like your home in a European Country. This cafe is straight out from the Victorian era which is clearly depicted in the setting of this cafe and the types of meals it offers. Couples always enjoy their time here as this place also provides the perfect privacy to them. These reasons were enough to put this in our list of best restaurants in Delhi-NCR.

Cuisine style: Italian, Continental, Mediterranean.

Special food: Mezze Platter, Waffles

Inside the rose cafe
The romantic Rose Cafe

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AntiSOCIAL, Hauz Khas Village, Delhi:

This one probably has a peculiar name, But believe it is worth the name. This is probably one of the best restaurants in Delhi-NCR. This restaurant holds its own place in terms of live music. Many bands have come over here eventually before getting all the fame. This restaurant holds film screenings and live band performances. This should be one to look out for in Delhi-NCR. The restaurant is also famed for the type of food it provides.

Cuisine Style: Continental, American, Asian, North Indian.

Special food: Chicken Shwarma Platter, Veg Sizzler

beautiful lighting's in the cafe

Image Source

Olive Bar & Kitchen, Mehrauli, Delhi:

Next one is pretty beautiful and awesome in all ways. This is one of the best among the best restaurants in Delhi-NCR. This place gives is filled with satisfying, peaceful and calming vibes. The vibes given off the place are because of the beautiful decor and most importantly the delicious food it offers. This restaurant too offers live events. Moreover the customers get to dine at a completely outdoor seating management which is just stunning and romantic.

Cuisine Style: Mediterranean, Italian, European.

Special Food: Mushroom Pizza, Mezze Platter

Outdoor seating in the restaurant
The Olive Bar & Kitchen is just stunning…

Image Source

Carnatic Cafe, New Friends Colony, Delhi:

This one is a living paradise in Delhi-NCR for South Indians. This restaurants is famous for the south Indian dishes it tends to offer. That also becomes the main reason for this restaurant to be featured as one of the best restaurants in Delhi-NCR. This place also offers the DOSA, which is the most favourite food of the whole south India (and personally my favourite too).

Cuisine Style: South Indian

Special Food: Masoor Dosa, Buttermilk

The beautiful interior of carnatic cafe
The Classic Carnatic Cafe!

Image Source

Punjab Grill, Saket, Delhi:

The Punjab Grill is by far one of the best restaurants in Delhi-NCR. This restaurant as going by its name offers Punjabi dishes in complete royal dining restaurant style. This restaurant boasts of the super-friendly staff that takes care of all the customers on an equal basis. The proportion of meals offered here is huge, true Punjabi Style. This restaurant offers food that is not only looking good but also the food contains versatile flavours.

Cuisine Style: North Indian, Mughlai.

Special Food: Tandoori Gobi, Butter Chicken

An A-grade service given here.
The Classy Punjab Grill!

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Masala Library, Janpath, Delhi:

This a restaurant that has class and by class I mean true class. Which is depicted in the decor of this super-cool restaurant and also in the variety of food offered here. This restaurant is costly, no doubt about that. But the money that you shed is worth the food and treatment that you will get here. This restaurant offers excellent customer service. Moreover the food presentation is also just stunning and heavenly. These reasons were enough to feature it in the list of best restaurants in Delhi-NCR.

Cuisine Style: Modern Indian

Special Food: Galauti Kebab, Mushroom Chai

Beautiful interiors of Masala Library
The Hyper Class Masala Library!!

Image Source

The Big Yellow Door, Satyaniketan, Delhi:

Next one is a pocket-friendly restaurant. This is a restaurant that is worth in all means, being in the list of best restaurants in Delhi-NCR. This restaurant allows oneself to get away from the hustle bustle city life of Delhi and find a peaceful zone to let things be. Here you can hang out with your friends which will of-course turn up your mood altogether. It is a truly blissful restaurant with some of the best foods offered here in the whole of Delhi.

Cuisine Style: Italian, Fast Food.

Special Food: Butter Chicken Pasta, Bomb Burger

The friendly vibes of this place.
The Big Yellow Door restaurant… A friendly zone…

Image Source

Bukhara, Chanakyapuri, Delhi:

This one is one of the best restaurants in the whole of Asia! That is clearly one of the main reasons for including it in our list of best restaurants in Delhi-NCR. This restaurant has an atmosphere of the special Indian type Dhabas. Moreover there is cutlery missing out from this restaurant. I will let you guys solve the case of the missing cutlery from one of the best restaurants in Delhi-NCR. But all I can say is that the cutlery missing out is all for giving the diners a complete feel of Indian style eating.

Cuisine Style: North Indian

Special Food: Malai Chicken Kebab, Phirni

A neat and well maintained restaurant
The 5-star Bukhara restaurant!!!

Image Source

Chor Bizzare, Daryaganj, Delhi:

No no no… It is not Chor Bazzar. Its Chor Bizzare one of the best restaurants in Delhi-NCR. But believe me when I say this, That this restaurant is one of restaurants where everything is made to look in such a way where all the things look like they are stolen. This restaurant has crazy things which truly show that they are stolen from somewhere and do not at all belong in here! The food here offers a complete insane experience(in a good way).

Cuisine Style: Kashmiri, North Indian, Korean, Thai.

Special Food: Seekh Kabab, Rajma

A chor bazzar kind of looks.
The famous Chor Bizarre!

Image Source

Well looks like that’s the end of such a tasty and stunning article on the best restaurants in Delhi-NCR. This list included some of the most stunning and bizarre restaurants of Delhi. This list also included some of the most tastiest food ever provided by these best restaurants of Delhi-NCR.

Am so going to visit Delhi soon in order to discover more on the Best Restaurants in Delhi-NCR.  I am hungry now! Well fine then foodies go and enjoy your crush for life(that is the restaurants featured here).

Now what are you foodies waiting for? Go and enjoy the tastiest food which is provided by some of the best restaurants in Delhi-NCR. Good-bye folks!

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