Best Indian Trekking Destinations You Must Explore

Everyone one of us has that one bug or more rightly that one mad nature lover who loves solitude and being totally one with nature. So for all the nature lovers, well here are some of the best Indian trekking destinations which we believe can quench the thirst of that adventurist inside you.

Best Indian Trekking Destinations You Should Try

So here we go on an adventure of seeking the right trekking place for you:

1) Chadar Trek, Ladakh

First up is the Chadar Trek (mostly known as the Zanskar Trek too). This is a remarkable experience which indulges oneself with the mesmerising beauty of the Himalayan Ranges. The trek takes place over the frozen river Zanskar(gives you the chills down your spine) that makes a thick sheet of snow and ice during the winters. Now, this trek requires you to walk over this sheet of ice and manoeuvre narrow ridges. But remember this region also records the lowest temperatures which might make you pack an extra sweater for yourself and the best part is that since it records the lowest temperature it also makes it the most exciting high altitude treks. The trek takes starts at Chilling and continues till Lingshed, from where you have to walk on the frozen river Zanskar. There is one more add on in this trip that is, the region is an attraction for its Buddhist heritage and religious homes.

Best Season to go: January to February

Best Indian Trekking Destinations

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2) Roopkund Trek, Uttarakhand

Now we come to the unique experience of the Himalayas which is offered by Roopkund Trek. This journey will help the trekkers to fall in love with the scenic beauty around them rather than their smartphones. In this journey the trekkers will experience the lush green forests, the sparkling streams and the journey will also help you to unravel the marvels of nature. The journey begins at Lohajung, which is situated at an elevation of 8,300 feet. From there, the expedition will take you to places such as Didina, Bedni Bugyal, Bhagwabasa and Patar Nachauni. The journey will reveal green covered hills, crystal clear lakes, snow-covered peaks and flower laden gardens which is a sore sight for Photographers.

Best Season to go: August to October

Best Indian Trekking Destinations

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3) Valley of Flowers Trekking, Uttaranchal

The next trekking destination is the Valley of Flowers without which nature lovers are incomplete. The journey welcomes you to this scenic and dewy land which houses a diverse range of vibrant flowers. The landscape is dotted with a carpet of green and snow-capped mountains in the distant. Hidden in the divine region of the West Himalayas of Uttaranchal, The trek divulges around 300 types of endemic alpine flowers and a wide variety of flora which also might have been unheard to most of the trekkers. This colourful place stretches a good 87.5 square kilometres and was also declared a national park in 1982 by the UNESCO World Heritage Site department. The valley also acts as home to many endangered species such as Asiatic black bear, snow leopard, brown bear and also the blue sheep. The trek lasts 6 days at the height of 3600 metres above the sea level, Also during the trek, you will cover around 38 km in the Valley of Flowers. Also, this trek from a nature lover’s perspective is undoubtedly some of the best Indian trekking destinations you would ever want to go to.

Best Season to go: July to August

Best Indian Trekking Destinations

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4) The Markha Valley Trek, Ladakh

We now come to the beautiful Markha Valley Trek which is a charming and refreshing journey. The beauty and serenity of the surroundings make the experience one of a kind. This region is mostly covered in snow during the winters but as soon as the snow thaws, the landscape blooms into myriad colours and presents a picture of speechless beauty. This enticing journey begins at Zingchen which will go through the beautiful Zanskaar range, the Hemis National Park and famous peaks such as the Kang Yatse and Stok Kangri. All throughout the journey, you will come across varied landscapes, some rough and barren while the others luxuriantly verdant and green.

Best Season to go: June to October

Best Indian Trekking Destinations

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5) Trek to Chandratal over Hampta Pass 

This one is a sure sore sight for nature lovers and newly wedded couples. Since the Hampta pass trek connects two beautiful valleys named Kullu and Lahaul where one gets to see ever-changing Landscapes. This trek offers you the incredible views of glacial valleys, thick pine forest, open meadows, adrenaline pumping waterways a hair-raising crossing of a high altitude pass(Acrophobia-tics beware). During the trip, you spend an amazing day long camping at Chandratal, a high altitude alpine lake and a camper’s paradise. The return journey is over the famous Rohtang pass and also you can conclude your trek by reaching Manali through Rohtang pass which is a couple’s paradise.

Best Season to go: Mid-June to mid-October

Best Indian Trekking Destinations

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6) Coorg – Tadiandamol Trek and Adventure Escape

This one takes place in the beauty of the Western Ghats. This trek offers adventures for adrenaline rush seekers who also want to explore their wild side. About 274 km from Bangalore, the Tadiyandamol Peak is the highest peak in Coorg and is surrounded by enticing greenery of the Shola forests. This 2-day getaway which is ideal for nature loving families, couples, backpackers and corporate guests.

This trek includes a 15 km trek to Tadiyandamol which has unravelling winsome and landscapes of Coorg that is a paradise for all. The happiness of reaching the top is irreplaceable since it is a feeling which cannot be explained by mere words. The reward for reaching the top is the sweeping views of green forests and alluring coffee plantations. This is also one of the best Indian trekking destinations since you can go and relive yourself from the tensions of your job or even take this trek as a family outing.

Best Season to go: An almost everlasting period from October to March

Best Indian Trekking Destinations

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Well, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready for an enticing and a tiring session with nature be it with your family, your spouse, your friends or even alone. It just doesn’t matter with whom you go but the best part of this is that you will be away from the city life and away from smartphone life even though if it is for a small time. But remember whatever you do in any of these best Indian trekking destinations make sure you do enjoy them to their fullest since these moments will not come again in your life.

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