Beauty Hacks Everyone Should Read Before Travelling

Everybody wants to look great while travelling, right? However, there are moments you end up looking unsatisfied or even miserable. Therefore, we all should be careful while packing. Have you ever been on a trip where you got all your things packed? (Does anyone, really?) I don’t think so. There are a lot of products we use and pack for one trip. Perhaps, we can make a checklist not to overlook anything. And, quickly develop a travel-friendly version of your beauty routine.

 I have come up with some essential beauty hacks which you all should remember, Here are they:

1:  Sunscreen

We all have heard, ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Keeping justice to this, always carrying BB or CC cream with SPF would be best. Sunscreen is one of the essential beauty hacks to keep up with you. It prevents sunburn and soothes your skin.

2: Headbands and Bobby Pins

Nicely tied hair plays a vital role in making you look flawless and beautiful. Moreover, they are the reason you look good in pictures, aren’t they? And, if you don’t want your hair to look dreadful, a simple beauty hack is to use a headband or bobby pins to tie them. It will keep your hair at place effortlessly.

3: Pocket Perfumes

It’s a pretty obvious one. As a person, we always wanted to smell charming and attractive. However, travelling in a hot summer can make you sweat more often. So, it’s wise to keep a pocket perfume with you all the time to hold you from an embarrassing situation.

4: Matte Lipsticks

Whether you are running short of time or you forgot to bring your cosmetics, bright lipsticks are indeed a lifesaver. There will be times when you are hot and sweaty, and a face full of makeup ends up making you look like a witch. However, to get off apply a bright lipstick and that’s it, you are ready.

5: Wet Wipes

Travelling carefree is an impracticable thing to ask for nowadays, am i right? Though we can’t travel carefree but can easily take off some of our strains by having wet wipes at our side. There are a variety of wet wipes available in the market to deal with any situation. For instance, insect repellant, makeup remover, sunblock travel wipes, antibacterial and many more.

6: Vapour water bottle

As per my experience, not drinking enough water while on a long flight could lead to dry skin and that we don’t want. So, I would suggest you drink loads and loads of water. Thus, the best hack is to keep an easily folded water bottle; nevertheless, wherever you go.

7: Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the best multi-purpose products. It can be used as a moisturizer, makeup remover and as a hair oil as well. Moreover, if you are running short of space, coconut oil is a solution to all your problems.

8: Beauty Pouch

I would suggest keeping all your beauty items in a separate pouch as it becomes easier to find one bag than finding each item separately. Moreover, it feels convenient and also saves time.

9: Matte Foundation

Avoid shiny faces using a good quality Matte foundation. It becomes necessary as being out in the sun quickly leaves you with a shiny and greasy looking face. You can apply it on sunscreen which will instantly give you a matte look.

10: Use Mini Bottles  

Try to use mini bottles as more as possible, and it saves a lot of space in your bag. Collect the samples of your favourite beauty products, or you can buy a mini version of your makeup.

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