Backpackers’ Hostel Tips: Busting the Myths

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Backpacking is one of the most fun and quirky ways of travel. It lets you be yourself and have fun.

As a young adult, it’s one of the most fulfilling experiences you can gift yourself. It leaves you feeling high on adrenaline and sass! But most people are hesitant when it comes to backpacking. This is more so because they find it difficult to get good hostels to stay.

A backpackers hostel is one of the cheapest and best accommodation places. But many myths surround it. Through this article, we wish to bust so e of the common myths surrounding the backpacker’s hostels.

1. Hostels are unsafe.

This is one of the most common misconceptions of hostels. People have a huge fear of getting robbed due to staying in a hostel. In reality, it is not at all so. Hostels are very safe and sound these days. From CCTVs to door locks everything is installed.

Lockers are also provided to store your valuables like laptops or cameras.

well research

well research

Women also tend to be even more apprehensive about the safety of such hostels. But mostly the crowd is very cool and comfortable. You will feel very safe and secure. Nowadays, even women-only hostels are also available. These are especially targeted for the female audience.

2. The hostels are dirty.

All of us feel like hostel rooms will be dirty and unkempt. We imagine them being strewn around with mess all over the place. But most hostels are very clean and hygienic.

The basic needed hygiene is maintained in all the rooms. The washrooms and bath area is also very decent. Most fellow hostellers are also very particular about the room they rent. So don’t worry about cleanliness at all!

3. Hostels are not meant for the older generation.

Only youngsters or young adults are not the only crowds that are seen in hostels. Travel hostels are open to all people. Any person of any gender or age can visit it.

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If you are physically sound and want basic amenities only, hostels are perfect for you. At low costs, you can enjoy your stay and travel around. The beds can be shared with your family itself and if planned properly it’s a great experience.

4. Hostels are only for partying!

Most hostels in reality are against partying or loud noises. They are very peaceful and calm to stay. They usually have a quiet time fixed or a  fixed sleep time.

Partying and all the noise pollution is never on the agenda. Booze or cigarettes are never the ideas of fun in most hostels. If anything, they provide a conducive environment to help people bond peacefully. They encourage creating a fraternity and friendship among the guests so that you can make friends for life!

5. Hostels are only for the cheap kind.

Agreed that hostels are meant for budget traveling but it’s not so. There is no class or divide between the people who visit these. Backpackers from all walks of life prefer staying at hostels. From the Gucci belt wearers to sellers, there is all kind of people here.

women travllers

women travllers

This is because hostels are another kind of experience too. It’s not just about saving money. The backpacker hostels help you meet new people. It helps you make contacts you never thought you would have made.

You might befriend a person makings rags to riches or someone born with a silver spoon too. So, this is also one of the reasons many well to do people also prefer hostels!

6. Hostels are only found in bad locations.

This is one of the biggest myths about travel hostels. Though they are known for being present in the most remote locations, it is equally true that you will find them in good cities or suburbs.

If you are planning a vacation to one of the well-known tourist destinations, it is rather even better if you book a hostel. You might find a travel junkie to bond and travel with for even better exploration. You might save bucks without cutting on the best facilities and this saved money can be spent on your vacation!

We hope that this helped a few doubts you had about the backpackers’ hostels. Make sure you take the plunge the next time you plan a vacation. Try out this budget stay and embrace some new experiences and opportunities!

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