Awesome Reasons Why You Should Visit Himachal!

Himachal Pradesh, a land that gives warmth to mind and soul, is one of India’s much-admired and lauded tourist destinations. Nestled between North India’s snow-capped Himalayan Mountains, the state calls visitors from far and wide to spend a wonderful holiday, whose memories cling to for a lifetime. The main attraction for visitors is the magnificent hills, pristine valleys, ancient monasteries, historical heritage, gleaming lakes and much more in a serene atmosphere. A trip to this beautiful Pradesh’s tourist destinations will help satisfy the wanderlust of all forms of travellers. Himachal Pradesh opens its door to nature lovers, honeymoon seekers, adventure lovers, pilgrimages and history buffs. If you are looking for some Awesome Reasons why you should visit Himachal then here is a list which you can take a look at.

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As per me, It was a nice to ride. I had a great time. The journey was smooth and I had great fun. Wonderful stopover at the station en route, only to resume very refreshed and to be fed by the breakfast service. Great views all along – the clouds seem to have descended just beside you. The tunnels seem to never get over in the sheer number. Nice to watch the local life go by, kids walking along the tracks to school, women carrying head loads of fodder/produce, some even squatting near the tracks and smoking bidis seemingly to feel warm in the chilly morning. Mixed feelings as you reach Shimla station – bad that the journey has come to an end. And an excitement seeps in and you look forward to exploring the enchanting summer capital.

2. Visit The Apple Orchards in Sangla

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One should visit the place once in a life for its beauty and serenity. The views you get when travelling through mountains by bike cannot be matched with any other place, the best time to visit is September to October. We have stayed for a night in the adjoining place called Chitkul, “the last village” at an HPTDC resort which is quite awesome. We also got a chance to eat fresh apples from HPTDC orchards, which felt wonderful. You should try the minced chicken recipe from Chitkul, believe me, it’s tasty. I would love to go back there for sure.”

3.Witness The Divine Marriage Ceremony Of Polyandry In Kinnaur

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Polyandry which is a form of marriage where a woman takes more than one husband. The popular Hindu epic Mahabharata provides the first striking example: Draupadi, daughter of the king of Panchala, married to five brothers. This practice still prevails among the inhabitants of the mountains.

4. Arrange A Short Visit To The Great Himalayan National Park

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A very neat, clean and good place for the animals to be kept in this place. All the animals here get a home-feel environment here. Also, there is a good facility and hospitality for the tourists and common people who visit here.

5. Go River Rafting In Beas Rapids

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The place was very good. The temperature is very nice. We did water rafting at Kullu which was the most exciting thing. It took around Rs. 750 per head for water rafting for 15 km.

6. Seek Blessing And Enjoy The Hot Water Springs At Vashisht Temple

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The Vashisht Temple, one of the best & famous tourist place in Manali. When we visited in December-2014, the entire temple covered with snows which were extremely amazing. This ancient temple has a hot water spring where one can take bath. It’s very amazing to see a hot water spring amidst the cold snowy weather of Manali. After visiting the temple and spring one can go for shopping of Manali artefacts and Kashmiri handlooms.

7. Try Your Hand At Paragliding In Solang Valley

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It is a very beautiful and attractive place, with all kinds of snow activities. We enjoyed ice skating, ice scooter riding, paragliding and yak riding there.

8. Stop At The Tea Gardens In Palampur And Enjoy A Delightful Cup of Tea

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Palampur in Himachal is very cool n nice place. It is full of Tea Estate Gardens and also surrounded by Hills of Dharamshala. One can even view snow from Palampur on the upper hills. The weather is pleasant throughout the year. One can also enjoy the rain here. For metro city people, it is good because Palampur is not so cold that one cannot bear the cold.

9. A Photo Break At The Euphoric Kangra Valley Is A Must

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 This beautiful valley lies at the base of the Dhauladhar Range. Dharamshala, McLeod Ganj all are a part of it. This valley is also famous for apples.

Kangra Valley is one of the most serene and scenic valleys in the Dhauladhar range. Popular for its picturesque beauty and a wide variety of flora and fauna, Kangra Valley is also known for its religious destinations and as a hot spot for adventurous activities.

10. Visit The Picturesque Meadows and Floating Island At Khajjiar

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Khajjiar is a beautiful place also called Mini Switzerland’s. Located at the foot of Dhauladhar mountain range, in the lap of the Himalayas. A fantastic view of dense forests and the meadows and snowy peaks of the Himalayas. It is full of natural scenic beauty and a perfect place to relax. The lake surrounded by saucer-shaped lush green meadow and a floating island give an amazing view. Paragliding was a wonderful and thrilling experience. Pleasant weather gives a soothing feeling. Khajjiar gives an out of world experience. A must-visit destination for nature lovers.

So, there are some of the top offbeat destinations in Himachal Pradesh one of which you can cover on your next trip. If you are looking for a retreat away from the hustle-bustle of the city then pack your bags and resort to Himachal Pradesh. You can plan a hassle-free Himachal trip with Travellerspoint and share your experience with us.

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