An Amazing Road Trip To Kinnaur

Kinnaur has rich green flora, full of its abundance and the panoramic valleys with snow-clad Kinner Kailash at the background is a perfect location. And a road trip to such a place is just something which should be on our bucket list.


The valleys that will leave us jaw-dropped

It takes a certain amount of passion and madness to cruise over one of the deadliest roads in the world. Yes, that’s true. The road to Sangla has been featured as one of the deadliest roads by Discovery Channel. The jaw-dropping and rugged terrains make the heart pound. The twisting and turning sleek roads coiling the high mountains with a deep trench on the other side makes the stomach sick. Certain stretches along NH22 are a dreadful drive. What makes up for all these is the breathtaking scenic beauty clad with the ever-amazing Kinner Kailash ranges, adorned in snow, guarding the beautiful valleys.

6-hours drive on a rough terrain

Sangla Valley and Kalpa are two of the most beautiful yet different kind of locations in the Kinner district. Sangla is the remote one out of the two, which brings out the adventure. Kalpa, on the other hand, is a leisure filled destination. We can roam around the valley, to explore more and drool over the majestic beauty of Kinner Kailash at a close view.

The scary but lovely view

We can take a drive from Paonta Sahib to Sangla and then to Kalpa. The route isn’t simple but it adds to the charm of the road trip. We must take our winter clothes and snacks. In between, we will get to a beautiful little town, Narkanda. It is a good place to spend a night. It welcomes with pretty blooming cherry orchards and a little chill. We should start the journey early in the morning to enjoy every bit of it.

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Not a village, it was a heaven

Sangla is gaining recent popularity in the world of tourism. It is still a remote valley prospering in the deep woods of Kinnaur district. It has crystal-like Baspa River meandering between the valleys. The sturdy and green pine trees touching the stark is rather an often sight in Kinnaur.

The camps

We must pre-book our stay in Kinner Camps for a night, and believe it we won’t regret that. The services are top-notch. They go out of their way to make the stay forever worth and remembering. After a taxing drive through the hefty mountain, we will want a comfortable stay. A cozy blanket to help us bit cold and warm food would be helpful. The camp welcomes us with welcome drinks, Kinnaur Apple Juice and a frolic barbecue by the side of the campfire. They make us all comfortable and enjoy the wintery chills.

Batseri, the beautiful little village

When we set off to explore Sangla, we will find a far-flung village on a hilltop – Batseri. We have to climb down a cliff, crossing the Baspa River and then climbing up the hilltop on which the beautifully picturesque village prospers. It is a little village with cute little huts plunged at every turn, adorned with apple orchards sprawled on both sides of the little pavement. It has mountains covered with snow and a little chill made up for a worthy trek.

Kalpa, a four-hour drive from Sangla

Kalpa is another beautiful village which rests at a four-hour drive from Sangla. The Highlands covered in lush green turf and meadows and the captivating snow-laden Kinner Kailash which ranges us to Kalpa. It is a village which has a lot to offer and amazing views.

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