Amazing facts about the Mystical Land of Kinnaur That even Himachalis Hardly Know!

Kinnaur is a land of mystery and magic. Nestled inside the deep mountain ranges, it hides its own traditions and customs which are different from the rest of the world.

It is one of the most beautiful places in Himachal Pradesh and not much is known about it to people. Through this article, we are going to tell you 20 mind-boggling facts about Kinnaur and its people.

1. The festival of Bonang is celebrated here which takes place once in 12 years. 

It is a festival of remembrance and occurs once in 12 long years.

2. India’s first voter resides here.

He is Shyam Saran Negi and is also India’s oldest voter.

3. The traditional attire of Kinnaur is very beautiful and woolen in accordance with the extremely cold climates. 

Men and women have very distinct and colorful clothes.

4. Alcohol is an everyday lifestyle here. 

But they are not actually alcoholics. This alcohol helps them stay protected from the cold and has medicinal values too. This is called Angoori.

5. Each house has a local brewery situated inside it.  From grape wine to apple wine, you are in for a treat.

6. As many as 660 villages are located inside this district of which only 234 are inhabited.  The rest 426 are uninhabited and boast of natural beauty and splendor.

7. Most people follow Hinduism or Buddhism here.  They are very traditional and stick to their rituals and customs.

8. Buddhism was introduced in Kinnaur by the venerable Rinchen Zangpo.  He is said to have lived here for some time on his long journey to China.

9. The last village of India is located in Kinnaur.

Chitkul is said to be the last inhabited village in India on the border. It lies along the Indo-Tibet border.

A beautiful mountain road to Chitkul village of Kinnaur

10. If we go in deep history, the old silk route is one of the most important ones. Kinnaur was one of the main centers on this route, especially in the Himalayan region.

11. This place was so special that it was banned from entry from even Indians. In 1989, Kinnaur was first allowed entry by people all over the country other than locals. For foreigners, it is still mandatory to carry a temporary permit if they visit.

12. This beautiful city was a part of the majestic empire of Bushahr state till 1960. Only after this, did it gain independence.

13. Apples of Kinnaur are considered to be the king of apples.  These are very luscious and red and very tasty. Juicy on the inside, these have a very long shelf life of 4 months.

14. The beautiful mountains of Kinnaur are a sight to behold and are said to change colors with rays of sunshine.

15. It is very sacred and considered the home of the great Lord Shiva. Lord Rudra is said to reside in these majestic mountains and snow-covered peaks.

16. The Khandaan system is followed here.

Kinnauri people are very strict when it comes to their traditional values and customs. Women are barred from marrying outside certain other communities.

17. The beautiful festival of Ukhying is celebrated by her which is the festival of flowers. It has many wonderful customs to be followed along with a ceremonial dance.

18. Chilgoza from Kinnaur is famous across not only the country but the world. Chilgoza also refers to pine nuts and these are harvested here and sold all over.

19. The famous tea they have here I called cha. It is slightly salty in taste and will leave you wanting for more.

20. Kinnauri cuisine is drool-worthy and usually consist of non-vegetarian food.

This is because of the extreme cold and winters that can be witnessed here.

23. The must-try dish is a dessert made using apricots and cooked with the choicest of ways. It is as delicious as it sounds. Apricot soup is also one of the local delights and is made after a very long and arduous process.

24. The very unique wildlife sanctuaries are located here. It houses many very rare and endemic species and should be visited at least once.

25. Kinnauri shawls and handlooms are very beautiful and should be bought if you visit Kinnaur. These are even patented and bear hallmarks.

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