Adventurous Spiti Valley Trek In 2021!

With a significantly difficult terrain and a panorama that is drop-dead gorgeous, the Spiti valley makes for an amazing journey destination. There are locations in India that are outlined using treacherous alleys and lie buried below stiffened snow for the most section of the year. Spiti Valley is one such place. Spiti is domestic to some of the best possible villages, the oldest monasteries and the most wonderful landscapes you’ll ever see. The best instance of nature’s surrealism, the Spiti Valley, at an altitude of 4000 m, is a barbed and unexplored gem in Himachal Pradesh. Here we go for Adventurous Spiti Valley Trek In 2021!

Prepare to get awestruck with the remarkably hanging snow-capped mountains, discover rambling historical monasteries, and savour the wonder of this historic civilization in this particular information to the grit-testing Spiti valley trek.

Spiti Valley Trek

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The Spiti Valley trekking entails rigorous taking walks alongside the treacherous mountain paths, negotiating hazardous roads and staying with the locals. Trekking in Spiti Valley instructions the next degree staying power backed by using a throbbing adrenaline rush. As you go in advance trekking, you’d discover your self amid nature’s sojourn comprising beauty, perseverance, and thrill, all at once. While relishing them, you’ll locate your self pushing to the subsequent stage of agility, and that’s how the trekking in Spiti turns into one of the most daunting expeditions of all.

Best Time To Visit For Spiti Valley Trek

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The perfect time to go and journey Spiti Valley trekking is between July to October. As throughout the iciness season, many excessive altitude passes and avenue turn out to be inaccessible due to heavy snowfall. This outcome in the obstruction of trekking and mountaineering.

Spiti Valley Trek: An Overview

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Distance and duration: Spiti Valley trekking span is fifty-five km (approximately) beginning from Langza and ending at Dhankar over the 5 days. Spiti Valley avenue time out is a memorable tour in the Himalayan mountains. About 13.5 km is included by using a cab and the relaxation 41.5 km is accomplished on foot. The particular day smart itinerary is given below.

Spiti Valley Trek Route: Kaza – Kibber – Langza – Hikkim – Komik – Chemai Lepcha Pass – Demul – Lalung – Dhankar – Tabo – Kaza

Before you depart for Spiti Valley trek 2021, first-class time to go to is something you need to know. Best time to take the Spiti Valley Trek 2021: June to October. During these months, the most temperature can contact 25 tiers with a minimal of 3-4 ranges consequently making it the first-rate time to go to Spiti Valley. Spiti Valley in October should be a bit extra interesting due to the fact of the occasional snowfall in the greater areas.

Reaching Kaza: The Starting Point Of The Trek

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As stated above, there are two famous avenue routes to attain Spiti Valley, i.e Shimla-Kaza, and Manali-Kaza. I endorse the Manali to Spiti one for greater than one reasons.

Though Manali-Kaza route isn’t as interesting as Shimla – Kaza route, it genuinely is much less inclined to landslides as in contrast to roads in Kinnaur Valley, particularly in monsoons.

Also, the Manali to Spiti is the quicker one, so higher run via this route to keep a day for you and additionally the fatigue level. Keep your self afresh for the upcoming trek.

This route is cost-effective, thanks to the much less distance that you’ve to traverse.

Finally, if you are anybody interested in way of crossing over a variety of excessive altitude passes, then it has to be the route to Spiti Valley from Manali. In this route, you will be first crossing Rohtang Pass (3980 m) to enter Lahaul Valley from Kullu Valley and then Kunzum Pass (4551 m) to enter Spiti Valley from Lahaul Valley. The feeling of walking over these passes is inexplicable!!

So coming back, you can take a bus from Manali to Kaza – the district headquarters of Spiti district in Himachal – that runs each and every morning. There is solely one authorities bus carrier from Manali to Kaza (a 5-hour ride) however the avenue is distinctly inaccessible with universal landslides alongside the way.

As this lacks roads of excellent fine, it is beneficial to employ a non-public automobile from Manali to Spiti (starting factor Kaza). You can share the cab with fellow vacationers so that the journey doesn’t price you dearly.

P.S.The Manali street by way of Rohtang and Kunzum passes is satisfactory solely in summer season which is additionally the first-class time to project the valley.

Note: It is advised to spend a night time in Kaza earlier than beginning the trek. In the morning you begin the day trip from Kaza.


Check out the day smart itinerary of your trek. Keep scrolling down and study alone!

Day 1: Kaza to Langza Via Ki Monastery In Kibber

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The first day of the trek is protected through the cab. From Kaza, the cabbie would take you to Langza. Enroute you’d come throughout Ki Monastery – a 1000-year-old monastery in Kibber which is additionally the biggest monastery in Spiti Valley. This majestic shape stands to forget the winding turquoise inexperienced Spiti river with imposing mountains in the backdrop.

Spend some time exploring this village which serves as a base camp for many Himalayan treks. This area is clearly a photographer’s paradise, so you can spend some taking pictures of the locale on your camera. Driving further, you attain Langza the place you can decide for a homestay.

Altitude: 14,435 feet, Kaza to Langza- 13.5 km, 5-6 hours

Day 2: Langza To Komik

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The actual experience starts offevolved on the 2d day as you begin with a 3-4-hour average trek in the direction of Komik – the very best inhabited village in all of Asia. On the way, give up over at Hikkim the place you discover the perfect put up workplace in the world. Hikkim additionally takes place to be the absolute best polling station in the world as well.

Keep strolling greater and ascend 15,000 toes above sea-level to attain Komik. Gorge on freshly picked peas from the farms (it’s seasonal, so exact good fortune with that). As the night time approaches, and the mercury backyard drops down to as low as 3-4 tiers (June-Sept), cushty into the comforts of a mud domestic the place the temperatures are comparably warmer. Enjoy a hot, freshly domestic cooked nearby meal and name it a day. Overnight continue to be at Komik.

Altitude: 14,800 feet, Trek from Langza to Komik- 9 km, 3-4 hours

Day 3: Komik To Demul Via Chemai Lepcha Pass

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On the 1/3 day of the trek, you cowl Komik to Demul on foot, traversing the Chemai Lepcha Pass. After spending a lot of time with barren mountains you stumble on the lush vegetables of Demul. Take a short, usual yak safari and soak in the nearby vibes. Spend the night time in the comforts of the residences of the nearby residents there.

Altitude: 14,435 feet, Trek from Komik to Demul- 14 km, 5-6 hours


Day 4: Demul To Lalung Via Lingti Valley

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The fourth day of the Spiti Valley trek brings you lot of greenery as you pass from the secluded Demul to the village of Lalung in Lingti Valley. It’s a breather for your weary physique as you stroll down a steep descent until Lingti.

Lalung is placed at the foot of the Tangmar Mountains. The locals accept as true with their God lives in these mountains and the mountain modifications its hues into reds, yellows, browns relying on the temper of their God. At Lalung, go to one of the oldest gompas in the Spiti Valley earlier than calling it a day.

Altitude: 12,300 feet, Trek from Demul to Lalung- 10 km, 4-5 hours

Day 5: Lalung – Dhankar – Tabo – Kaza

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On the ultimate day of the trek, you assignment throughout a convenient course toward the former capital of the Spiti Valley, Dhankar. Dhankar stands perched above the confluence of the Spiti and Pin river as a consequence supplying a panoramic view of the valley. It is until this factor that you cowl the trek by foot.

From Dhankar, you pressure toward the 1000-year historical Tabo monastery, famed for being a UNESCO World Heritage site. Reach Kaza by way of nighttime and spend the night time recollecting the unthinkable feats you’ve done in the final week.

Altitude: 12,800 feet, Trek from Lalung to Dhankar- 9 km, 4-5 hours

Challenges You Face While Trekking In Spiti Valley

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Some phrases of warning here! Spiti boasts of opposed climate which is underlined through the truth that it receives solely 250 days of sunshine in a year, which additionally implies that Spiti in wintry weather is harsh. The summertime season is an ideal time to go to Spiti Valley when the temperature on a common drop down to 18 ranges Celsius throughout nighttime hours whilst for the duration of the day it not often exceeds 20-25 degrees.

Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is some other extreme fitness situation regularly skilled with the aid of travellers. It can appear to absolutely everyone at an altitude of 10,000 toes – which is the common elevation of Spiti Valley. The frequent signs of AMS are a headache, disturbed sleep, nausea, irregular breathing, breathlessness, lack of energy, the situation in passing urine, lack of attention and chest gurgles. A small scientific package with requisites is rather recommended.

Also, you have to take relaxation for at least a day earlier than beginning the trek. That way you can get acclimatized to the stipulations and the altitude.

Homestays In Spiti

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Homestay in Spiti is frequent these days. Some of the Spitian households in the far-flung villages have opened up their residences to vacationers with the assist of social enterprises. Try discovering a suitable homestay for your continue to be in Spiti valley and revel in the home-like feeling.

How To Reach Spiti

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Given the remoteness of the place, Spiti doesn’t have an airport or railway station. Great mountains, forests, and rivers envelop it from all sides. However, it can be accessed using roads from essential cities like Kullu and Shimla. Here’s how to attain Spiti:

By Train: Shimla is the nearest railway station. From the station, one can rent cabs and jeeps to attain Spiti. Buses are additionally accessible from the station.

By Road: As there is no get admission to airport and railways in Spiti, it can solely be reached using the road. But some of the roads main to Spiti are closed for as lengthy as 6 months due to heavy snowfall, so it’s higher to do your homework earlier than settling for an itinerary. You can lease an automobile from Manali or take a Spiti valley bike trip, there are lots of preferences on hand for human beings planning Spiti Valley avenue trip.

What To Pack?

Spiti is additionally acknowledged as bloodless mountain desert, and given its unsure climatic situation you should equip your backpack with necessities like:

  1. Windproof Jackets (heavy/feather if you are coming earlier than June and after October)
  2. Pullovers / Sweatshirt
  3. Thermals
  4. Woollen caps, Mufflers, and Gloves
  5. Raincoat (not necessary- however you by no means understand when the want arises)
  6. Waterproof / snow-proof trekking shoes
  7. Sunscreen
  8. A flashlight
  9. Lip guard
  10. Sunglasses

Sunrays may want to be harsh, so you ought to cowl your self effectively and the uncovered physique phase have to be layered with sunscreen lotion. Proper trekking footwear is a must.

Tips For Spiti Valley Trek

Do take a look at the climate stipulations once, earlier than heading for a trek in Spiti Valley

In Spiti, solely the BSNL community works and one can get that from Manali and Kaza

If you’re going except a guide, then it is cautioned to download the offline maps

Carry water and maintain your self hydrated to keep away from the state of affairs of affecting the AMS of your physique

Carry money with yourself, as there is solely one SBI ATM in Spiti

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Now that I have given you all the important points of the interesting Spiti Valley trek, put together to attain out for surreal sceneries and otherworldly experiences that continue to be veiled in the back of nature’s canvas. So, get packed, choose this guide, layout your outing to India and reach for them and savour every last drop of magnificence.


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