Adventure Sports Expo Asia 2018

Hey Everyone, Hope you guys are doing fine. To make your day exciting, I have come up with a really unique and cool article on Adventure Sports Expo Asia 2018. As we all know this time the Adventure Sports Expo Asia 2018 is taking place in India from 27th – 29th January at Four Points by Sheraton in Delhi. My aim through this article will be to impart all the information about the Adventure Sports Expo Asia 2018.

Frankly speaking, I do not even know that such an event like this existed and moreover, that this event was happening in India! But after a little bit of research and banging my head on the wall, I pretty much have fallen in love with this topic given to me.

I mean this Adventure Sports Expo Asia is way cooler than what I had expected it would be. All right now, let me not waste more of your precious time. Shall we begin then? adventure-junkies!

Aims of Adventure Sports Expo Asia 2018

  1. Show the growth of adventure sports and responsible tourism.
  2. Building a strong relationship between the stakeholders of adventure sports and the tourism industry.
  3. To show the world-class equipment, A-grade trainers and technological advancement in the field of adventure sports, in front of the public and investors during the Adventure Sports Expo Asia 2018.
  4. To bring the exhibitors and buyers in front of each other on a single platform and i.e, the Adventure Sports Expo Asia 2018.
  5. Exhibitor Profile: This will include people from adventure gear manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers along with adventurists and Eco-tourism operators from the whole of Asia.
  6. Buyer Profile: It will include the Army, Navy, Para-Military Forces and most of all investors and adventure-junkies!
  7. This Event’s secondary aim is to educate every one of the dealings taking place between the adventure sports and tourism industry.

Organiser of the Adventure Sports Expo Asia 2018

The Adventure Sports Expo Asia 2018 is being organised by RN Sports Marketing, India. The RN sports marketing is one of the most renowned companies in the Indian Sports Industry.

The company is headed by Rishi Narain, The winner of Asian Games gold medal in golf. Rishi Narain is also the editor-in-chief of Golf Digest India and is also the managing director of Rishi Narain Golf Management.

RN Sports has been in the sports industry for more than 20 years now, which is pretty commendable. As usually, sports companies die out quickly due to their demand in the market. But RN Sports is an exception there.

RN Sports Marketing, India will boost its status in the global sports market by organising this extravaganza i.e, the Adventure Sports Expo Asia 2018.

Adventure Sports Expo Asia 2018
The organiser of the Expo!

About the Event

This is the first ever edition of Adventure Sports Expo Asia and is rather promising to be an exciting event and a much-awaited event.

The Adventure Expo Asia 2018 is a 3-day event and is also tending to offer exhibitions by over 65+ brands from all over Asia and more than 16000 visitors are expected for this event! This event is by far going to be the largest and greatest buyer-seller meet in the whole wide world.

The media is going to be all over this event, covering every nook and corner of the Adventure Sports Expo Asia 2018. If you ask me then, this event will provide the perfect breakthrough for any company. An event held at such a large scale will obviously tend to boost a company’s stocks off the chart, literally!!

Some Renowned Speakers at the Event

  1. Shannon Stowell
  2. Archana Sardana
  3. Ajeet Bajaj
  4. Shekhar Babu
  5. Ravi Kumar
  6. Suzanne Al Houby
  7. Wade Campbell
  8. Mohit Midha
  9. Dr. Neharika Yadav
  10. Bhupendra Singh Rana

More on the Adventure Sports Expo Asia 2018

The Adventure Sports Expo Asia 2018 will showcase exhibitions created by many brands from all over Asia, Speaker sessions for informing the audience of what the speaker has gone through during the adventure sports. There will also be more fun and exciting adventure activities during the expo. Even Awards night is going to be at the expo and many more, so do not miss the opportunity of visiting the Expo.

This is one of a kind event which showcases various adventure sports equipment and gears to the public. It is also a great opportunity for adventure enthusiasts to kick start this exciting category of sports. Moreover, this event lets the general public to know more about these sports, be it by speakers sessions, workshops and even by exhibitions.

It’s really easy to go and book the tickets for this extraordinary Expo that is going to take place in few days. The link for booking the tickets is provided below.

So remember to do check out this unique Adventure Sports Expo Asia 2018!

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