A Trip To Kalpa, A Heritage Village In The Lap Of The Himalayas

Located in the state of Himachal Pradesh Kalpa is a small beautiful village. Filled with beautiful views, temples, monasteries, etc this is the main village in the Kinnaur district. This is a really calm and peaceful village so people usually come here to get away from the bustling cities. An early morning walk here feels like paradise. And it is filled with amazing views. The rich flora and fauna add to this place. This village is located in the Sutlej river valley so one can enjoy the river here too. A trip to Kalpa is what one requires to release all their tension and enjoy life again.

Top Places One Can Visit In Kalpa

1) Trekking to Chakka

Chakka peak is one of the best hikes in Himachal Pradesh. Its peak is located at a height of 15000ft above the sea level. The uphill journey is 3 hours whereas the journey downhill is 1.5 hours. People usually prefer going here with a guide that they don’t get lost in the beautiful ways of mount Chakka. Whilst trekking in can enjoys the gurgling water at one side whereas the amazing natural beauty at the other. It is one of the most fun things can do in Kalpa.

2) Narayan Nagin Temple

Located on the top of a hill at Chinni Village. This beautiful temple is a perfect example of Tibetian Pagoda style of architecture. Filled with carvings and beautiful views this temple is really beautiful. Which makes it a must-visit the temple here. This temple is a major spot of tourism here.

3) Kinaur Kailash

For the ardent devotees of Lord Shiva, Kinnaur holds utmost religious significance as the place is home to a 79 ft tall shiva linga, which changes colours every second. It is basically a rock pillar neatly balanced on a rock slab and also resembles a trident. Close by is Parvati Kund, which is located at an altitude of 14900 ft above sea level.

As per the popular belief, the kund was created by Goddess Parvati herself.

4) Sapni Fort

Located near the Sapni village,  Sapni fort is a seven-story fort and is really beautiful. It is one of the architectural wonders. One can more enjoy magnificent picturesque views from here. One can observe the amazing woodwork in this temple the beautiful delicate carvings and stuff. On the 5th floor of the floor, there is a temple dedicated to Goddess Kali. This fort shows the beautiful architecture of the bygone era.

5) Hu-Bu-Lan-Kar Monastery

Built between 950-1055 A.D this ancient monastery is one of the top places one can visit in Kalpa. This monastery is located at a height of 2960 meters and is said to be the home to ancient relics. This monastery is said to be the preserver of ancient Culture. One can enjoy the calm beautiful serene views here. Glimpses of the Kinnaur village are visible from here too.

6) Roghi Village

Located just 7 km away from Kalpa Village. Roghi Village is pretty similar to Kalpa village and people like to visit this village whilst they visit Kalpa Village. This village is famous for its simple lifestyle and all the cultures they follow here. One can visit apple orchards here too and enjoy the flora and fauna. This place is far away from worldly tension and is usually a tag along with Kalpa village.

Suicide point at Roghi is one of the scariest and the most beautiful points here. The point is so exhilarating and beautiful that whilst passing here one doesn’t even think about the dangerous point. Whilst going here one can pass through the beautiful apple yards. This place is famous for its beautiful and enchanting views. 

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