A DIY Road Trip Guide to the Amazing Spiti Valley in just 6 days!

Spiti valley is one of the few destinations which does not need a great amount of planning or spending. You don’t have to hire a professional travel agent to book and make an itinerary for you. With this article, we give you an opportunity to make some notes and plan a DIY trip to the valley on your own.

Before starting, we recommend that you have a rain check about the weather. Early May or Mid September is an ideal time to visit owing to great climates and low costs. Avoid visiting during peak tourist months to avoid a cash crunch.

You can also book in backpacker’s hostels or hotels by the Himachal Pradesh government for clean check-in places at decent prices.

Day 1

You should try this trip with a few friends or family. It is a very beautiful drive so make sure you have company. Reach Delhi or Shimla by air if you live far away and then book a Toyota or Innova and set off. Your starting point has to be Shimla.

You will take about 12 hours to reach Sarahan. Once there, you can stop and soak in nature for a while. Then move on to Chitkul. You can then halt at any of the many inns and suites according to your budget.

Day 2

Chitkul is the last inhabited village in India and boasts of a beautiful landscape. The Baspa river nearby has various camping sites where you must definitely spend a day.

You can go trekking and dirt walking near the stony banks and edges. The dam nearby is a scenic spot for a great photoshoot.

Day 3

We then set off for Kalpa from Chitkul. Here you can get a glimpse into some typical Tibetan cultures. It has many beautiful Buddhist monasteries like the Tabo monastery, Gue, and Namo monasteries.

A beautiful mountain road to Chitkul village of Kinnaur

Try to stop at least at one of these on the way to experience some peace and calm. We then traveled on to Langza where we checked in for the night.

Day 4

At langza, you can travel through the local shops for some great souvenirs. You then reach Kibber where the Hikkim post office is located. This is the highest post office in the world!

Make sure to post a few pretty picture postcards to your near and dear ones. Do not forget to visit a local shack for some piping hot momos and thupka soup.

Day 5

The next day was dedicated to the very beautiful and azure blue Chandra Taal lake. We definitely recommend spending a day here for its sheer opulence and magnificence. As you set up camp here near the rivers, go out and have some fun exploring.


It is the best place to click photographs and make memories. You will get that definitely instagrammable shot here. The lake glistens even more beautiful during the night and is one of the best places for that college ki yaari wala bonfire.

Day 6

The Spiti valley then terminates at Manali. This is one of the easiest and best routes to take for covering the entire Spiti valley stretch. On the way, you can also make a short detour to explore the Rohtang pass and Lahaul valleys.

Though the roads here are rocky and the terrain is a little difficult, the natural beauty around is mesmerizing. You can look at the beautiful snow-capped mountain tops and the lush green valley around. Now spend a day exploring Manali and all it has to offer.

We recommend you to try spending more days if possible since Manali itself has some really beautiful and bountiful places to visit. Add a few impromptu days to the trip en route to create the trip of a lifetime! Find a blog on the top places to visit in Manali on our site.

Day 7

We now started our long but very fulfilling drive back to Delhi. It’s a very scenic route again and you can stop on the way to get the perfect wanderlust pictures. After reaching Delhi you can book your return tickets by flights or trains.

This is one of the most doable and enjoyable trips you can ever have. So gather all your college ke dost and take the plunge. It will give you memories to carry along for the rest of your lives.

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