A Complete Checklist You Need Before Going For Your First Himalayan Trek

Well folks am back with an informative article on a complete checklist you need before going for your first Himalayan Trek. Pretty much everything that is done for the first time feels quite special, right? So why leave your Himalayan Trek at special only?, Huh!

Let’s take it to a whole new level of special completely. What say?. Okay, If you are in then let me give you some tips on packing your bags for your Himalayan Trek. After all its necessary to pack the right equipment or the right thing to take with yourself on the Himalayan Trek.

You need to pack only light and necessary things required for your Himalayan Trek, Right?. So If you are ready, let’s embark on the journey for finding the right things for your backpack that you will carry on the Himalayan Trek!

  • Choosing the right Backpack:

First tip is to choose the right backpack which fits you and is also large enough to carry the things mentioned here. Remember that the bag should not be so big that it causes you back or shoulder aches. Since you will be going up and down the valleys on your Himalayan Trek. So, obviously you would not like to be the spoiler for your own trek, right?. If you do not want to be the spoiler, then take a bag that is comfortable and big enough to carry your essentials. Oh, and do not forget to carry a rain-cover for your Himalayan Trek.

Backpacks that are light and waterproof.
Travel Backpacks!

Image Source: http://www.gapyeartravelstore.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/travel-trekker-70-30.jpg

  • Camera Bags to be taken:

The next tip is for all the people who love standing behind the lenses. If you are carrying a DSLR then remember to carry a separate camera bag for all those heavy and costly lenses you would carry on this Himalayan Trek. For the camera, have a camera bag that can be strapped onto your belt. Thus, reducing the load on your shoulders. The main tip here is that, you must carry a waterproof bag for all the lenses and camera.

Camera bag that is waterproof and spacious.
DSLR Camera Bags that are waterproof!

Image Source: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1453/1114/products/Upgrade-Waterproof-multi-functional-Digital-DSLR-Camera-Video-Bag-w-Rain-Cover-SLR-Camera-Bag-PE.jpg_640x640_2_1024x1024.jpg?v=1500920952

  • Dry Sacks are essential:

This tip is pretty important as it keeps you ready for the worst. Since, there are occasional rain spray on the Himalayas. It is a must to carry a Dry sack which is separate from the backpack you carry. Most importantly, keep all the costly items in this pack and do not stuff this bag up. As it might cause you trouble in carrying your essentials while you scale the rugged terrains during your Himalayan Trek!

A yellow colour dry sack.
Dry Sacks which are waterproof!

Image Source: https://www.watersportswarehouse.co.uk/images/product/full/427101_iq-dry-sack-duffel-yellow.jpg

  • Clothes to be carried for your Himalayan Trek:
  1. A pair of trekking pants: It is an absolute must to carry the trekking pants which are pretty much water-resistant. Moreover, the pants should have enough pockets to carry your wallet, mobile and other things.
  2. A pair of Thermal Innerwears: This one is pretty important as it keeps your important body parts heated and away from the cold temperature outside.
  3. A pair of short sleeved shirts: This is essential as these are easy to dry while they protect your innerwear too.
  4. A pair of trekking shirts: This is most important. These too need to be water-resistant and must also provide heat to your body.
  5. Yoga pants: These can be taken if required while sleeping.
  6. 4 pairs of socks: These are essential. These too should be easy to dry and must not at all be the cause for any sort of infections during your Himalayan Trek.
  7. A pair of waterproof gloves: The gloves should be waterproof. The gloves should also have insulating material in them which should keep your hands far away from Hypothermia.
  8. Flip-Flops: Better carry this around when you are in a resort or some sort of place like that. The flip-flops must be highly insulated and also comfortable at the same time.
  9. A pair of towels: This is a must to keep you dry. The towels should also be easy to dry.
  10. Ziploc packs: These are very important. They keep the batteries as well as memory cards dry and away from the cold temperature outside on your Himalayan Trek.
Blue coloured trekking pants with black pockets.
Trekking Pants that have enough pockets as well as water resistant!

Image Source: http://cdn.hiconsumption.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Best-Hiking-Pants-For-Men-0.jpg

  • Outerwear:

The next tip is to ensure that the outerwear that you carry with yourself are pretty much water-resistant. Wear a waterproof jacket at all times when you are on the Himalayan Trek. Since no one knows when the weather might get bad. It’s always better to be prepared ahead of the storm, by carrying a waterproof pant as well as a waterproof jacket which do not put too much of weight on you and keep you dry as well on your Himalayan Trek.

Bear Grylls sporting a black craghopper.
Craghoppers that are water resistant as well as well insulated.

Image Source: http://static5.uttings.info/images/products_additional/craghoppers/bear-grylls-alp_D0912BFA_large.jpg

  • Hiking Boots:

The next tip is to carry Hiking shoes or boots in order to keep your feet dry. The hiking shoes also tend to give great grip on the snowy rocks! So yeah, Pretty much Hiking boots are a must on your Himalayan Trek because you will need it at all times.

A hiking boot brown and black in colour.
Hiking boots with strong grip!

Image Source: https://www.primermagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/BearGrylls/Grylls_Merrell_Chameleon.jpg

  • Headlamps are essential:

The next tip is to carry a strap-on headlamp or any kind of light emitting torch. The bulbs of the light should be LED, As LED give out most light and are easy to use. Moreover, the LED consume less power thus saving batteries. The lamps are a must as they will help you most during the night time on your Himalayan Trek.

An LED Headlamp that is black in colour.
LED Headlamps.

Image Source: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51rdi5BDuCL._SL500_AC_SS350_.jpg

  • Sleeping Bags:

The next tip is pretty important as it requires you to carry a sleeping bag. In which you can sleep, literally. Remember that the bags should be big enough to conceal your whole body. Moreover the bag too must be waterproof and must be highly insulated at all times or you risk Hypothermia. Hypothermia can easily spoil your Himalayan Trek.

A black and grey sleeping bag with accessories.
An amazing sleeping bag!

Image Source: http://www.bluemaize.net/im/bags/bear-grylls-sleeping-bag-8.jpg

  • Water bottles to be re-used:

Carry the water bottles at all times and do not litter plastic bottles everywhere you go! Remember that the bottles that you use once can be again reused at all times during your Himalayan Trek.

  • Moisturisers:

This is a must for all the woman at-least, because you would not love to see your skin all cracked up! In order to avoid cracks on your skin due to the extreme cold, Always carry moisturisers with yourself on the whole journey of your Himalayan Trek.

  • Walking Stick helps a lot:

This tip of carrying a walking stick is for all. Since, it is natural to get tired of the regular climbing up and down the valleys on your Himalayan Trek. Thus, I suggest you better carry a walking stick or risk rolling of the slopes when you are fatigued. The walking stick that you carry must be light and not too heavy, moreover the walking stick must be strong enough to support your weight at tough terrains.

A black coloured walking stick.
A walking stick!

Image Source: https://media.decathlon.in/145017/1-forclaz-500-light-hiking-pole-blue.jpg

  • Snacks to re-energise you:

This next tip is pretty important actually it saves you the risk of getting completely fatigued and slowing down the whole group that has come for the Himalayan Trek. Carry snacks that have high nutrition and provide good amount of energy to your body. Mostly try avoiding the snacks that are high in sugar and saturated fats. Specifically carry snickers, granola bars and a jar of peanut butters for everyone. The snacks can pretty much give you the right energy boost at the required moment, so my advise carry snacks and do not worry about your body figure!

four granola bars on display.
Yummy Granola Bars!

Image Source: https://blessthismessplease-wu160izso06zk4amiyc.stackpathdns.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/DSC_6017-1-1024×754.jpg

  • Medicines are a must:

This tip is a life-saver as usually most of us forget carrying medicines with us. Therefore, I request you all to carry enough band-aids, paracetamols, skin creams and pumps or even inhalers! In general carrying medicines with yourself is pretty much, a life-saving deal that you must follow at all times. Remember to not take too many medicines too as they would just increase the weight on your dry sacks. So, remember carry only the required medicines with yourself on this Himalayan Trek!

many medicines on display.
Remember to carry medicines!

Image Source: http://st1.thehealthsite.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/generic-drugs.jpg

  • Carry extra batteries and memory cards:

Remember to carry extra batteries or even memory cards. As I believe you will not get a chance to buy them on your Himalayan Trek. Carrying extra batteries can help your head lamps or even electric lamps that you would carry. Carrying extra memory cards would help you not regret your decision of carrying extra memory cards when your camera memory cards get filled up completely on your Himalayan Trek. So remember to carry extra batteries and memory cards for your Himalayan Trek travellers.

A box of batteries and memory cards.
Batteries and memory cards.

Image Source: https://www.dvshop.ca/digcamera/images/ansmannbatterybox.jpg

Well travellers I believe I have pretty much completed your checklist you need before going for your first Himalayan Trek. I only had these important life-saving tips and tricks to offer to all you travellers out there. If you believe that I have missed some tips or tricks that are important and worthy of mentioning here, You can tell it to me in the comments section down below.

Until next time travellers. Enjoy your first Himalayan Trek after all life is all about enjoying to the fullest while you also meet the pinnacles of success. So leave the screens and get ready for some adventures while you are on your first Himalayan Trek. Adios Travellers!

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