8 Ways To Travel On Budget

If you are a travel buff but don’t have the bucks to go to fancy locations, the following tips might be helpful for you to keep the wanderlust alive.

1. Use a private browsing window

Use a private/incognito window while searching for flights and Always make sure you clear your browser cookies. This is because Websites have a tricky way of tracking what prices you’ve been quoted in the past. Therefore, to make things competitive and cheap, make sure you’re browsing on the low.

2. Hostels over hotels

 It cannot be overstated just how much more wallet-friendly budget accommodation options like hostels are compared with hotels, resorts and rental homes. you’re getting the authentic backpacker atmosphere, and memories to last a lifetime, that too on lower prices. You get its advantages are that usually,they have common areas where people meet, so you may end up finding someone to share transportation, dinner or day trips. There are all kinds of hostels: party hostels,  exotic hostels, relaxing hostels,  rural hostels, etc.  You can find and book directly the cheapest and best-ratedaccommodation in the country you wish to travel to through various applications. The Hostelworld app (free) is the most used by backpackers.

3. With lower prices (of the former) comes free food (often)



So many hostels offer free food. There are hostels all over the world that provide baked goods, BBQ, pizza nights and loads more, the breakfast is a butobvious thing.  Stock up on free treats to fill yourself up while you’re off adventuring for the day! 

4. Work while you are there



Don’t frown already, this is not a 9-5 drill of course, you are on a vacation after all. There are many hostels that offer work exchange programmes where you work a few hours per day in exchange for free accommodation. They are often in need of cleaners and reception workers. So you do notrequire any kind of degree for that and anyone can do this kind of work. There are also some shipping companies, where if you lend a hand they take you to your destination at no cost.

Let’s Dive Into Underwater Cities Around The World.

5. In advance booking


It goes without saying that often prices will go up as time gets closer to your trip, that is why booking train journeys, hostel beds and of course air travel ahead of time guarantees you won’t face any last minute issues and in turn be very kind to your wallet. Always book in advance.

6. Don’t be a sheep in a herd; Planaround off-peak travel times


Be aware of the different tourist seasons of various destinations. With a little researchyou can ensure you plan around the price hikes and tourist swarms! Look for the “off-peak” time of the place you are visiting and plan your travel during that time as you will not be encountering high peak prices then.  There are lesstourists and you can enjoy other types of activities and landscapes. Travel to countries whose quality of life is inferior to ours or during their low season. Plan up the timings and seasons of that area in question and travel accordingly.

7. Be as flexible as you can


Being OK to drop plans and switch things up at the last minute will help you take advantage of deals and opportunities that arise on your travels. Make spontaneous plans if you have to, don’t be tied up to your plans instead, live by the moment. This might be one of the most important qualities for a budget traveller.

8) Eat Wisely


Consuming street food tends to be the cheapest way to feed yourself. You can actually watch the food being prepared and cooked, so you can shoo away any feared rumoursabout the food.

Eat out at lunch instead of dinner, if you decide to eat out in more expensive restaurants. A lunch deal is a lot cheaper than the dinner in most places.

Fill up your pockets forthe road! Bring food from home, shop at grocery stores instead of restaurants.

Drinking is important of course. Buy local brands of beer and wine when drinking in or out. It’s usually a lot cheaper than those well-known international brands.

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