8 Countries where getting Visa is easier

8 Countries where getting Visa is easier

There is always this unexpressed desire inside most of us to explore the world, break the bounds and discover new horizons. May it be the dream of studying abroad or working in an international firm, we all are hindered by problems like visa while attempting to fulfill our dreams. If visa, not money, is your hindrance, you have reached the right place. In this article we will share with you a list of countries where getting a visa is even easier than cooking Maggi.


Insanely popular for its rich flora and fauna, Madagascar is an island nation in East Africa. Getting a visa in this country is quite easy. Once you arrive in Madagascar, you can get a visa valid for 30 days by paying in US Dollars or Euros. Furthermore, if you require visa for more than a month, you can apply for it from a Madagascan Embassy.


If you travel to Jordan through Jordanian tour operators, the visa fee is waived given that you spend two consecutive nights in Jordan. Moreover, there is a defined list which specifies the countries whose citizens can obtain visa upon their arrival and those who need to obtain visa before-hand. . Click here to check the category of your country.


Photographer Standing at the Edge of a Cliff

Cambodia is a nation which flaunts various terrains. It has plains, mountains and coastlines as well. While the citizens to some countries can stay in Cambodia for a period of 21 days without any visa. Others are required to get the visa upon their arrival. Furthermore, citizens of some countries need to get the visa in advance from the Royal Embassy of Kingdom of Cambodia located in their country. Click here to check the category of your country.


Known for its beaches, lagoons and reefs, Mauritius is an island country located in the Indian Ocean. While Indians are exempted from the requirement of any visa for travelling to Mauritius, the citizens of some countries are required to get the visa even before travelling. Nonetheless, citizens of some countries can obtain it on their arrival. Click here to check the category of your country.


A 30 days free visa is provided on arrival to all the travelers regardless of their nationality. The only requirements are that the person should have a passport valid for at least 6 months, funds to cover his/her expenses during the stay in Maldives and a confirmation of a hotel or resort reservation.


One of India’s neighboring countries, Myanmar is famous for its Buddhist relics, parks and lakes. Citizens of some countries are entitled to visa-free travel in Myanmar for a period of 14 days. Others are required to obtain a visa before travelling.


Another neighbor of India, Nepal provides visas on arrival for different durations of time. One needs to make the payment for the visa in US dollars. Furthermore, Indians are exempted from the requirement of visa while travelling to Nepal.


Haiti is a harbor to various architectural marvels like La Citadelle la Ferriere and Sans-Souci Palace. Except Cuba, Panama, Dominican Republic, and Colombia, all other countries’ citizens do not face any issues while travelling to this place.

Who thought getting a entry ticket could be so easy? Well, it is! At least in these countries.
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