7 Reasons why you should travel to The Himalayas In Your 20 Somethings

The Himalayas are one of the most versatile places to visit. It should be visited by every person at least once in your lifetime. But why not do the right things at the right time? To get the best experience out of your travel, traveling in your 20s might be the best time!

This is because there’s something for everyone. Get some food for the soul or simply go and have some thrills and adventure. get drunk and dance around like crazy or drown your sorrows away by some deep meditation too!

1. River Rafting

This is one of the most thrilling things to do in the valleys of the majestic Himalayas. The Spiti and Pin rivers present in the valley are perfect for some awesome River rafting.

This sport will fill you with chills and excitement. This is special since it is white water rafting here where the river is more difficult to gauge and hence makes for a great adventure.

2. Paragliding

SOaring through the blue skies free from the worries of the world is the greatest experience to gift oneself! It fills you with great synergy and happiness as you go soaring high.

Paragliding is very common in most areas of the Himalayas. There are places like Jammu, Kinnaur, and Dehradun which has great valleys and snow-covered mountains from which you can enjoy some great paragliding experiences!

3.Mountain Biking

Bikers will enjoy visiting the many hills and mountains of Himalayas. You can also cover many places as a road trip using bikes that are available on rents. Some great places are Kinnaur, Darjeeling, and Mussoorie.

Biking is especially popular near the Suraj lake in the Spiti valley owing to the rugged terrain which provides it the perfect ground. So, get all your fun-loving friends and go for a glamorous ZNMD trip of your own!

4. Getting High on great Beer

Now, don’t yo all hide this deep desire we all have in our 20s to have fun and drink a lot of beer. The localites living here brew some great homemade beer here.

From apples to grapes, it’s all locally brewed and grown. Do try out the Tongba or Jaanr or Chang beer which is specially brewed in Sikkim. Similarly, local beers are also brewed at Kinnaur and other places in Himachal Pradesh.

5. Peace at Buddhist Monasteries

A trip to the Himalayas can never be complete without visiting at least one of the renowned Buddhist monasteries in this region. For those looking for some soul searching to do, this is must visit!

If you are longing for some peace and quiet or want to solve a mid-life crisis try meditating here. You might end up getting the meaning of your life and job and cleanse your mind.

It leaves you with a feeling of lightness and beautiful peace and calm when you visit. Make sure to include in your itinerary a day off at one of these beautiful ancient relics if you are one of the old school souls.

The Key Gompa and Dhankar Gompa are some famous monasteries. The Buddhist monks are very serene to talk to and leave you filled with bliss and inner happiness.

6. Camping with the squad

Camping is a great and awesome way to spend some quality time with your jigri yaars and dosts. Gather your college guys and plan a trip to just laze around in camps in the Himalayas.

Add to it some bonfires and guitar music and you are all set. recreate memories from movies and have some fun reliving old times and nostalgia.

There are many camping rentals around lakes which you can opt for. Sit and immerse yourself in its sheer natural beauty and magnificence.

The snow-capped mountains and the lush green valley around it provide for picturesque scenery. The lake itself is magic since it changes colors at different times of the day.

7. Try typical traditional food

The many little hamlets sprawled across all the major destinations of the Himalayas. Visit here as an eco-tourist and bond with these localites.

This will enable you to get in touch with local roots and taste some authentic momos and other Tibetan food. There are also other Himachali foods which you must definitely try. The Himalayas are a haven for all nonveg lovers especially!

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