6 Places To Travel In India Which Will Leave You Spellbound

Beautiful India is a land of civilisations dating back centuries in time. The land is blessed with a gracious network of rivers and forests while mountains flourish its crown, making this subcontinent sightseeing of nature. If you are looking at visiting India, you need to know that you are in for a heady mix of beautiful cultures, dialects, geographies and people; all speaking the language of hospitality.

India is a canvas of beauty and colours. Starting from a distinctive culture to international styled places, India is known to be a perfect land for everyone.

The Choice of marvellous holiday destinations in India seems to be boundless, right from pretty destinations to historically and ethically soaked sites, from cities scrambling with chaos and confusion to destinations offering laid-back and calm stays. Amidst this huge list of destinations, there is always a quandary of choosing a destination that is really worth a visit. Well! Relieving you of this dilemma, here is a list of top 6 destinations that make it to the list of ‘Must-Visit’ destinations in India for all travellers.


The land of dignified snow-capped mountains, serene alpine glacial lakes, enchanting valleys and ancient vivid Buddhist monasteries, Leh-Ladakh is one of the ‘must-visit’ destinations in India for all the nature lovers and people seeking peace and calmness away from the busy city lives.  This is known to be the adventure capital of the country.

Owing to the top three mountain passes, which could be scaled on a vehicle, this region is well known for endless snow and dry adventure activities. Ride on the crazy winding roads, get stuck in the middle of nowhere, sleep with the locals, go trekking in Ladakh, and learn to be independent on the desert mountains as you tackle this adventurous journey in one of the best places in India.


The city that lets you live a carefree life and the one that never sleeps. The city of Mumbai is all about its people, the atmosphere of enjoying the nightclubs and of course Bollywood. The morning rush, unique street food and miscellaneous culture are just the first pages of Mumbai. So is been said that do live like a Mumbaikar, bite into the vada pav and sip a chai on your way to the locals. It is true that a private natural destination and best places to visit in India which gives more richness to your vacation.

However, only a modern city can pamper you, to the core of your heart. One such land of hustle is the land of dreams, Mumbai.  The land is well known for numerous monuments, Elephanta islands, endless festivals and much more.


Convincingly, Goa has to be amongst the first few dream places that you have to visit in India in your twenties. Young and energetic! This region holds 30 various beaches, distinctive churches, interesting natural and adventure activities and last but not least, the never-ending nightlife. This is the land with booze everywhere and energetic activities every minute.

goa beach
goa beach

So if you want to have some time to spend with yourself then enjoy scuba diving and merge into nature with its amazing spice plantations, trekking and others.


India which is known as the land of cultures, religions and spirituality. So an Indian exploration remains incomplete without a trip to the holy city of Varanasi. Also known as the city of ‘Moksha’, the place holds a great religious significance for Hindus. It is one of the oldest inhabited areas in the world, which is still populated.

Varanasi holds numerous alleys, filled with temples. Either side of River Ganges is filled with 88 different ghats, each famous for different elements. Varanasi is also the gateway to reach Sarnath, the pinnacle of Buddhism pilgrimage in India.


The Golden City of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer is for sure one of the best cities to visit in India. This part of Rajasthan is situated in the Thar Desert region, revealing the magic of velvet sand dunes meshed with the ever-vivid culture of the state. Jaisalmer is a wonderful place where you can spend your time pampering in exciting activities such as dune bashing, camel safari, and desert camping. The best thing in Jaisalmer is the annual ‘Jaisalmer Desert Festival‘ which is really a visual treat to eyes and it makes much sense to plan for a holiday trip to Jaisalmer during this festival.

Marvellous folk dances, the cultural musical performances, campfires under the open luminous sky, all the enthralling camel shows, local haats selling exquisite jewellery and handicrafts, cheerfulness of this gala event are found at every nook and corner of the city. One of the most colourful and vibrant places in India, Jaisalmer, for sure is one of the most striking places to visit in India.


So One the best place in India to travel in terms of experiencing the best tourism is KERALA popularly known as GOD’S OWN COUNTRY. Which is known to be the finest tourist attraction and top honeymoon destination?

Kerala is also the richest states in India with forests and plantations of rubber, cashew, and coconuts everywhere. It has a particularly rich heritage of dance and drama and people here are among the most industrious and well educated in the country. Kerala is renowned all over the world for its backwaters, natural beauty, health resorts and beaches. Not only that but this GOD’S OWN COUNTRY KERLA is believed to be a gift of the Arabian sea.

As well as the Houseboats of Kerala are the first and best preference of the tourist to enjoy their moments in beautiful lakes of Kerala.

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