6 Best Local Foods To Eat on the Port of Miami

If you are looking for a place to go for holidays, Miami, Florida is the place to be. The port of Miami has remained to be one of the trendiest and flashiest cities. The lure of Miami lies in its nature of being a cosmopolitan city and at the same time offering an unparalleled beach lifestyle topped with scenic beauty and a number of top attractions.

Port of Miami
Miami city skyline panorama at dusk with urban skyscrapers and bridge over sea with reflection

South beach has for so long been the place to be in Miami but with time other parts of the city have grown to stake their claim in the glamour.

When in Miami you are spoilt for choice on places to visit, the sandy beaches are just the tip of the iceberg. There is the Art Deco District which brings back the memories of times gone past in Florida, while Ocean Drive is a perfect place for a slow cruise. Other places of interest include Vizcaya museum, BayfrontPark, Bayside marketplace and very many other exciting places in Miami.

Best Local Cuisines to Try on Port of Miami

A holiday in Miami is not complete if you don’t get to enjoy the local cuisine. Below is a list of must-eat dishes, it doesn’t get more Miami than these dishes.

1) Ceviche

Ceviche is originally a Miami dish that mixes Peruvian and Latin food, it is now among America’s staple foods. It mainly contains fish, acid, and spice. It is usually embellished with burritos, tostones, and quinoa salad. There are many flavours of ceviche though octopus’ ceviche and shrimp ceviche are the ones most common.

It is made from raw fish cured in citrus juices, seasoned with chopped onions, salt, and cilantro. It shouldn’t be heated and when prepared it should be eaten fresh to avoid food poisoning. Ceviche is served with side dishes like sweet potatoes, lettuce, and corn that complement its flavour.

Ceviche is great for families, groups or couples. Ceviche with avocado is best for a casual dinner. A ceviche meal never disappoints.

2) Fried chicken, watermelon, waffle

This happens to be a versatile dish enjoyed by many in port of Miami. This dish is originally an American dish that comes in two versions; soul food version and the Pennsylvania version. The meal consists of chicken and waffles while watermelons and peaches are at times used as embellishments. It comes in two variations; fried chicken with butter and syrup, and stewed chicken with gravy.

The chicken is prepared by seasoning it with salt and other spices.It is then dipped into a mixture of egg and coated with flour and finally deep fried. The waffles are made normally by mixing eggs, milk, butter, and vanilla, the mixture is poured into a coffee maker for cooking. The chicken and waffles are served when hot and they can be served with a fruit or drink.

3) Stone Crab Claws

Stone crabs are largely harvested in the coast of Florida mainly Miami. Due to the abundance of crabs in Florida, stone crab claws is Miami’s main dish. Only crabs with legally sized claws are harvested as crabs most meat is in the claws. Crabs can be roasted, boiled or fried.

When crab claws are bought they are boiled first and then refrigerated waiting preparation. The crab claws need a little seasoning, they are normally marinated in vegetables like citrus and chilli and refrigerated so that they can soak in the flavours for a few hours before they are roasted. They are normally served with hash browns, coleslaw, lemon and mayo butter.

Crabs are more appreciated when cracked before roasting and serving and this is exactly what you get in Miami.

4) Pan Con Minuta

Pan Con Minute is a dish enjoyed and liked by many in port of Miami. A restaurant by the name La Camaronera is known for this dish going for $3.25. This dish dates back to Cuba it is said that preparation of this dish was started by the Garcia brothers who double up as owners of La Camaronera.

It is prepared by first applying butter on the fish then deep frying. The fish is then put between Cuban bun, sauce and chopped onions are added. Pan Con Minuta is served with tartars, hot sauce and lime wedges resulting in a perfect sandwich.

If you think you’ve had the best sandwich, Miami’s Pan Con Minuta sandwich will make you think again.

5) Frita Traditional

Commonly called ‘vacafrita’ which when translates to‘fried cow’. This a burger that has been greatly enjoyed by the locals and the tourists alike. Like Pan Con Minuta it also has a Cuban Origin.

It is prepared by marinating the beef in lime, garlic, and salt and then searing it until it is crispy. The secret to achieving a perfect Frita is cooking the beef in small batches mostly in the form of a shredded skirt. It can then be topped with salted onions and served with rice and beans.

For those who love burgers, it is a chance to savour one of the best burgers in Miami.

6) Croquetas

This is the most available food in Miami, it can be found on the street, restaurant, and even bakeries. The croquet is originally from the French, croquette means to crunch in French and it has gained popularity as a fast food.

The main ingredients are mashed potatoes or meat and cheese. The meat (veal, beef, chicken or turkey) or potatoes are normally cooked first then rolled into croquets which are dipped in eggs, bread crumbs then deep fried successively. Normally served with a cold drink.

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If you are looking for a light and crispy afternoon snack in Miami, croquetas are exactly what you need.

When visiting a new place, it’s always a huge challenge trying to decide what to eat. A visit to Miami isn’t any different, you are not only conflicted on the place to visit but also on what to eat. Luckily, you now have a clue about which foods to start with the next time you are in port of Miami.

The above foods are tied to Port of Miami’s local fabric and are a source of inexhaustible debate among patrons on which is the best. They have been described by locals and visiting tourist that they taste like little pieces of heaven in the mouth. Why not go down to Miami one of these fine days and authenticate this claim?

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