5 Destinations Which Are Perfect To Enjoy The Snow

At the year-end, the Himalayas are already covered with snow. Travelers seeking some white fun cannot be happier as this time of the year is perfect to travel. It is the time of New Year when people plan for some vacations and enjoyment with family and friends. And if we love snow and the mountains where else can we go! Here we have a list of five must-visit places in the Himalayas that has snow during the year-end.

Lahaul and Spiti

People high on adrenaline shouldn’t skip this road trip. The route from Manali to Lahaul and Spiti is shut for the year we can still get to the place. We can go to Shimla and take the road to Kinnaur to reach Spiti and then Lahaul. We can even stop at Kinnaur. It is also filled with snow and id beautiful in its way. It has a lot to offer its visitors. No Himachal trip is complete without staying in Kinnaur for a few days. We can face the bitter cold and endure driving in treacherous conditions. So we should go with a local driver, they will know how tricky the roads are. We will get frozen waterfalls, frozen tap water and a lot of such things on this trip but it can be a lifetime’s experience.

Reasons to plan a trip to Spiti this summer


It is a landscape of heaven throughout the year. The fresh bout of snow turns the region dreamier than ever. If we can brave sub-zero temperature, a white Ladakh awaits us. The highways to Leh are shut but we can take a flight to Leh and also enjoy the astoundingly low off-season tariffs. A snowy trip to Ladakh will be more special if we are into photography.



This place is in Jammu and Kashmir and is as close as heaven as we can get to on this planet. Words aren’t enough to describe the beauty and charm that unfolds in winters. Kashmir’s wazwan and rounds of the kehwa, cheerful kids and stunningly Alpine landscape sounds like a great trip. We should book for that dream trip to Srinagar.


It is a place which has glorious snowfall and is situated in Uttarakhand. It is one of the most stunning landscapes that we can have for skiing in India. The place has its first bout of snow in November. All roads can lead to Auli. So travelers who are interested and want ski must not forget about this place.


Solang Valley

It is a green valley that looks quite surreal when it snows and makes for a perfect weekend getaway. If we are not over the lure of Kullu and Manali then this lovely Solang Valley has a snowscape terrain. It receives surprising bouts of fresh snow. And if we keep checking the weather forecast we will find that it says that snowfalls will be regular.
So these were the five destinations that are just amazing and perfect to enjoy the snow. We can plan a trip in such a way that we get to these places during the time of New Year and celebrate it with snow all around us. Nothing can be better or for fun than a white beginning of a year.

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