12 Best Travel Souvenir Ideas

Everyone who travels likes to keep some sort of souvenir to keep the memory of their trip alive. There are so many different ways you can do this and there are more than enough travel souvenir ideas to go around. However, with so many different souvenir ideas finding the one perfect for your tastes and desires can sometimes be a challenge. Here Listing down 12 Best Different Types of Travel Souvenirs Ideas!

There are so many different types of souvenirs in shops around the world. In every country, you will find different offerings and specialities which can make it hard to find one specific travel souvenir to stick to. Sometimes you can’t find the exact thing but having a souvenir idea that can be brought home from each destination is a great feeling.

Best Travel Souvenirs


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One of the best souvenirs to bring home from your travels is art. This is because art has no borders or boundaries, meaning it is available in every country and many forms. You can find paintings, sculptures drawings and more forms of art made by locals all around the world.


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One of the more popular travel souvenirs is postcards. Mostly because they can be found in most major cities, but also because when they are all lined up they look pretty amazing! You can find postcards in various forms such as drawn images, photographs, cartoons and more so you can personalize the style of postcards you collect.


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Clothing is something that is available all around the world and a great souvenir. Many cities will have dedicated tourism clothing items with the cities name or important monuments, however, this is not the case for all cities you will travel to.

Create a Photo Book

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Nowadays all our photos are taken digitally and showing family and friends these photos can be challenging. Plus with so many photos in our camera rolls finding and showing the very best can only be done with a lot of scrolling. This is why either printing your photos and creating your own photo album or having a photo book made is a great idea.

Ticket Stubs

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On every trip, you will surely be collecting a ton of ticket stubs. From plane tickets to subways to attractions to shows, there is a ton to be collected. All that paper may seem annoying at the moment but they are great to bring home as memorabilia.


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Mugs are classic souvenirs that you can find all around the world. Souvenir stands in most cities will have mugs with city names and photos on them which are perfect for displaying in your home and having as a keepsake. If a city you go to doesn’t have them in the tourist stands you can go to a shop and get a mug there too, so you never have to worry about missing out on a souvenir in any place.

Pins or Magnets

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Pins and magnets are available almost everywhere and are a great easy yet special souvenir to bring home. If you are a photographer or have a special travel time you are always carrying pins that are perfect for you. You can get a new pin in every country you visit and add them to your collection. The same goes for magnets. This is one of those souvenir ideas that never gets old and is easy to do.


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As far as souvenir ideas go, jewellery is always a good idea. You can find jewellery on every corner of the earth all with their own unique designs and styles which makes jewellery souvenir shopping very exciting.

Country-Specific Item

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Every country has its own speciality items they sell as souvenirs and sometimes these are the best souvenir ideas. You can always find these special items in shops all around the cities you travel to. And you can either look them up before or ask the locals what they suggest.


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Travelling the world will leave you with no shortage of different currencies, which actually are a great souvenir! Saving a few bills and coins from each place you travel to is a super way to remember your travels. More so, sharing these interesting and diverse currencies with your friends and family back home is always very fun.


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Stamps are collectors classic and when travelling they work as well. Pick up a few stamps from post offices or tourist shops and store them in frames, on cork boards or any other way. The best thing about stamps as souvenirs is that they are small and if you travel often your walls won’t be full of souvenirs.

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Did you enjoy this post on the top souvenir ideas? Do you have a list of favourite souvenir ideas? Let me know in the comments below.

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