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10 Valleys In Himachal Pradesh That You Must Visit In 2020 For Their Heavenly Landscapes!

After the majestic snow-covered peaks, if there is something more enthralling to look at, then its the valleys in Himachal. A valley is usually an area between two mountain peaks and comparatively straight to walk on.

Valleys are great for many kinds of activities depending on the terrain around it. From adventure sports to camping, you can do it all in the lap of beautiful valleys.

1. Kinnaur Valley

Located in the Northeast, this is a beautiful city located near Tibet. Enjoy trekking and mountaineering on the high slopes and get the thrills. You can also read more about Kinnaur on our site.

2. Kangra Valley

This is one of the most popular valleys which is thronged by tourists all over India every year. The Masrur lake is situated here which is very scenic to look at. It boasts of a very special rock-cut temple near its banks.

It is also easily accessible and has many different destinations that can be reached easily. Some examples of cities in the valley are Dharamshala and McLeodganj.

3. Sangla Valley

This beautiful valley is located in the hilly state of Himachal Pradesh. With breathtaking scenery around you, it is a traveler’s delight. The mountains are covered with snow through the chilly winters and can be used for a variety of activities like skiing and trekking.

4. Solang Valley

This valley is located between Rohtang and Manali and is an adventurer’s delight. From paragliding to skiing all kinds of sports can be enjoyed in this valley. Depending on various seasons, it caters to the needs of every adrenaline junkie throughout the year.

5. Spiti valley

Spiti valley is an enigma in its own right and one of the best travel destinations. It has something in store for everyone. This makes it the perfect vacationing spot for any kind of trip. From wanderlust to Thrill, you can have it all!

There are some very unique activities to enjoy here like Yak rides and river rafting. You can even find a mummy here.  It was mummified due to the shroud’s burial in an avalanche.

6. Parvati Valley

Parvati valley is very scenic and picturesque valley located in Himachal. The splendid and beautiful Beas river gushes down its slopes and makes for a very beautiful sight.

The hot springs at Manikaran are a sight to behold. It is also very fertile and many crops are grown here. Chojh Bridge, Parliament square, Jamadagni Rishi Temple are some great tourist spots to visit.

7. Pabbar valley

Welcome to the land where the British used to have tea and camp. Yes, you read that right, the Pabbar valley was a major hotspot for the British Raj to have some fun time and relax with their families.

This can thus give you an idea about the beauty and innocence of this hidden gem of Himachal. You can see a variety of beautiful and magnificent trees like the Cedars, Oaks, and Deodars.

Rafting is one of the most enjoyable activities that you should carry out here. Other fun activities you can enjoy here are paragliding, trekking, and camping.

8. Habban Valley

For all the fruit lovers out there, Habban Valley is a paradise. The Apples and peaches are especially very famous. You can go fruit plucking and pluck some big luscious red apples of your own to eat and carry!

You can enjoy some quaint eyed bird watching here! It has a vast abundance of trees and forests. This causes many rare and endemic species to nest here.

9. Chamba Valley

It is situated in the mighty Dauladhar ranges and also has the majestic River Ravi flowing inside its heart. It is one of the most calming and pristinely beautiful valleys in Himachal.

The Chamba valley sees a great confluence of various cultures like the Rajput, British, and Himachali. The various temples and architectural marvels are located here.

10. Kullu Valley

All the pretty honeymooners love mooning to this place. The Kullu valley is located close to Manali as well providing for some great places to visit as you go honeymooning in cozy hotel resorts.

It is also having some very sacred temples dotting its landscape where newlywed couples visit to et blessings. You can also go for some exciting treks with your spouse in the valley.

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