10 Offbeat Things to do in Spiti Valley

Dreaming of the high Himalayas? Take my listing of outstanding experiences and lesser-known 10 Offbeat Things to do in Spiti Valley.

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Climb with me to the mountains on the roof of the world. I will guide you by a walk by way of gushing rivers. I’ll exhibit you curious summits staring starry skies. Flow you to the depths of historic seas. I’ll take you to the world’s very best inhabited villages. I’ll enchant you with blue streams in deep gorges.

Try the mountain ropeway at Chichum (among the most special matters to do in Spiti Valley)

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This is actually breath-taking. As a choice to the lengthy uphill stroll from the village of Kibber to Chichum, the locals constructed an ingenious ropeway between two mountain peaks, over a deep gorge. The small open container on the pulley is used to transport men, cattle and uncooked materials has no weight limits, and can’t be the type to your shoulders, although if you’re lucky, you’ll discover any individual on the different stop to pull your ropes. The ropeway was once constructed 5 years ago, and it has by no means but collapsed.

Hike up to Dhankar Lake

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The 1.5-hour uphill trek from Dhankar Monastery alongside the Spiti River to the Dhankar Lake affords some outstanding views of the village under and the monastery in the distance. Dhankar Lake is an image of serenity, peace and calm, and ought to make all and sundry experience introspective. Expect a clear expanse of water dotted with fish-generated ripples, a backdrop of snow-capped mountains, and herds of yak or yaks-bred-with-cows.

Ditch the automobile and hike to Kee Monastery

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It’s handy to lease an auto or hitch-hike up to Kee Monastery. But the actual splendour is in trekking up from Keye village. Through the narrow, pebbly mountain direction carved out by using locals. Watching the monastery show up bit-by-bit, perched precariously atop a small hill.

Peaceful Buddha in Langhza

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You don’t have to be a bird-watcher or a buddha peace vibe lover; to fall in love with the little village of Langhza. It’s convenient to neglect about civilization on its remoted slopes, and all you want to do is appear up at the clear blue skies for interesting glimpses of hawks, eagles and vultures.

You may want to spot these elusive birds in different components of Spiti too, however the panorama of Langhza ups that thrill through a few notches.

Visit the very best inhabited village in the Himalayas

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Imagine dwelling at an altitude of 4,513 metres, in a region of thirteen households, and a 6-hour hike away from the nearest symptoms of civilization. That’s lifestyles for you at Komic, the perfect inhabited village of the Himalayas, and possibly the world. Its panorama will go away you in awe.

Watch the full moon by using the Spiti River (one of my favoured things to do in Spiti Valley)

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Ditch the bustling market of Kaza (Spiti’s capital), stroll alongside the dry river mattress that separates historical Kaza from new Kaza, and make your way down to the Spiti River. You can sense its depth solely at its shore; mountain perspectives are such that from an altitude, water basically seems to trickle in the river. Sunset is now not continually a strong point here, due to the fact the placing solar hides in the back of the mountains, leaving the sky a pink-red-orange colour.

A full moon at the shore, on the different hand, is sure to make your night time and tease you with mountain shadows and water reflections. Concentrate on the sky, and you’ll see at least a dozen taking pictures stars too. 

Cycle to Pin Valley

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Pin Valley is an oasis of inexperienced in the bloodless mountain desolate tract region. After being surrounded with the aid of the brown bareness of the Himalayas in Spiti, Pin Valley is a breath of clean air that you didn’t comprehend you missed; suppose bushes and waterfalls. And if you suppose Spitians are friendly, get equipped to be blown away with the aid of the hospitality of the mountain people residing in Pin Valley. You’ll depart satisfied that this was once how we had been meant to lead existence on earth.

Feel in awe of the mummy of Giu

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Spiti is full of legends, and the mummy of Giu is possibly the solely one that you can testify to. It is stated that all through a drought in Tibet, countless lamas had been mummified. During the Chinese occupation of Tibet, most of these mummies have been destroyed. However, in the earthquake of 1975, one of these mummies washed up in the Spiti River and was once rescued via the Indian government. It was once housed in Giu, the place all through a digging accident, a spade hit the mummy’s head and it commenced to bleed!

You can nonetheless see hair developing on the mummy’s head, and spooky as it would possibly sound, it is one of these matters you have to see to believe.

Spot the world’s easiest to publish workplace and petrol pump

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It’s no longer convenient to construct a lifestyle at 4,000 metres. In fact, Spiti is identified for having the world’s easiest submit workplace at Hikkim and the world’s perfect petrol pump at Kaza. Surely, the use of them is a rewarding tour success to boast about!

“A Mediocre Level of Execution” at Tabo Monastery?

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Spiti is acknowledged for some of the oldest monasteries and colleges of Tibetan Buddhism. Tabo monastery is additionally acknowledged for meditation stone caves. They generally spend three years in a stone cave, meditating from morning to night, and now not seeing or talking to a human soul.

It’s an excessive experience, to stroll alongside the caves, imagining the conviction of the nuns meditating interior them.

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