10 Most Popular Indian States For Tourism

We Indians have always kept a stereotype in our minds that India is not a good place to stay or visit which has caused most of the energetic and intelligent teenagers to go and settle abroad or go to even visit abroad. I am not telling that visiting abroad or settling abroad is a wrong thing but its just that the youth of this nation must have a look at what India offers them. We all know India isn’t doing so good in tourism sector like other foreign countries but now we have internet with us which can publicize the Indian states which are great places to tour and thus, It can give the required head start for the tourism sector of India. These reasons have compelled me to write a list featuring the most popular Indian states for tourism which is for sure going to help in booming the tourism sector.

Well, then what are you waiting for, get ready for mind-blowing journey of India which will reveal to you the most popular Indian states for tourism. Let’s go on the beautiful journey of Incredible India!

  • Maharashtra:

Maharashtra is the fastest growing industrial state of India. Mumbai, Pune and Aurangabad are the most visited places in the state. There are lots of popular tourist attractions in the state such as Gateway of India, Ajanta and Ellora caves, Khandala, Lonavala, Lavasa, Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar and much more. Almost 4,815,421 foreign tourists visited Maharashtra that is exactly 24.7 % of total foreign tourists arrived in India. This beautiful state was the perfect start according to me which also has enabled it to feature it in the most popular Indian states for tourism.

Gateway of India with the Taj as background
The Gateway of India

Image Source: https://traveljee.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/gateway_of_india-e1419006830286.jpg

  • Tamilnadu:

Next up we go further south to visit Tamilnadu which is a remarkable state with good number of spiritual places in the state. Tamilnadu is perfect for the list of most popular Indian states for tourism in the country in terms of numbers of foreign tourists arrival in India. Tamilnadu houses many historical sites such as the Chola Temples,  monuments in Mahabalipuram and many more. There are 3,373,870 numbers of foreign tourists visited the state which counts 17.3 % of total share of the country.

  • Jammu & Kashmir

Next we jump upto extreme north and that is Jammu and Kashmir, the state of India which is one of the most important tourist places of the country with number of natural paradise that includes the Mughal Gardens,houseboat on Dal Lake, snow capped mountains and valley of Kashmir. Tourist places of Kashmir also incudes Gulmarg,Sonmarg,Pahalgam and Srinagar. It has everything to make it to the most popular Indian states for tourism.

Shikara ride on the Dal Lake
Dal Lake

Image Source: https://www.indianholiday.com/pictures/travelguide/other-images/dest_head_img-208.jpeg

  • Uttar Pradesh:

Next we go to Uttar Pradesh which is the largest state of India in terms of population. UP is also fit for being in the race for the most popular Indian states for tourism with total number of foreign visitors 1,887,095 which counts share of 9.7%. Uttar Pradesh is the birth place of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. The Taj Mahal is situated in the city of Agra which is actually one of the seven wonders of the world.

  • Rajasthan:

Next we go to the desert hiding many beauties in itself and that is none other than Rajasthan which is also one of the most popular Indian states for tourism. Rajasthan is the most popular destination for royal palaces of maharajas. Besides royal palaces, it has a beautiful desert, natural places and lakes. 1,351,974 foreign tourists visit Rajasthan which counts upto 6.9% share in the total no.of tourist travelling to India. The popular cities are Jaipur, Pushkar and many more.

Illuminated Rambagh Palace, Jaipur
The Famous Rambagh Palace, Jaipur

Image Souce: https://traveljee.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/rambagh-palace-jaipur-745896-e1419001239825.jpg

  • West Bengal:

Next we go to West Bengal which houses some of the most marvelous landscape features, natural scenic beauty and India’s most preferred travel destinations like Darjeeling, Sundarbans,Sandakphu,Howrah Bridge,Great Banyan Tree and Bishnupur Temples. West Bengal houses some of the most magnificent and beautiful architectural works in the country. These reasons had compeled me to include them in the list of the most popular Indian states for tourism.

The Classy Trams of Kolkata
The famous trams of Kolkata

Image Source: https://traveljee.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/kolkata_tram-e1419008185997.jpg

  • Goa:

Next we go to the beaches of Goa which is actually famous for its places of worship, culture and heritage museums. The smallest state of India hosts a large number of both domestic and international tourists every year and major tourist attractions of Goa includes Bom Jesus Basilica, Fort Aguada, wax museum and the Churches and Convents of Goa heritage site These make it to reach the level of the most popular Indian states for tourism.

Beautiful Palolem Beach
The Goa Palolem Beach

Image Source: http://s3.india.com/travel/wp-content/uploads/Goa_Goa_Palolem_Palolem-beach-the-most-exotic-beach-in-South-Goa.jpg

  • Gujarat:

Next we go to the land of Lions and that is Gujarat which is one of the most popular Indian states for tourism in the country and it is visited by a large number of domestic and international tourists. Tourism in Gujarat includes the hills of Saputara, Great Rann of Kutch, birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi and the only place in the world to see Indian Lions. The Khushboo Gujarat Ki campaign has increased the tourism in Gujarat. This has to feature in the list of most popular Indian states for tourism.

  • Karnataka:

Next we go to the silicon valley of India and that is Karnataka which is also the 8th largest state in India in terms of population. It meets all the right cuts to feature in most popular Indian states for tourism in India with a total 574,005 foreign tourists arrival in the state which amounts to 2.9% share in the total no.of tourists visiting India. It has so many beautiful and historical tourist places such as Gol Gumbaz Bijapur, Ravana Phadi cave at Aihole (Pattadakal), Hampi and of course  Bangalore.

  • Bihar:

Next we go to Bihar my home state and actually it is fit to be one of the most popular Indian states for tourism in India. As Bihar has rich culture and heritage, It is also known as one of the oldest inhabited places in the world. The state houses innumerable historical places such as the Mahabodhi temple, Ashokan pillar, peace pagoda, Buddhist Stupa and many more. The Nalanda university was also established in Bihar which was the most earliest university in the world. The name Bihar is a derivative from Vihara, which means ‘monastery’ and Bihar truly lives up to its name as it houses many ancient relics which act as the main reason for tourists visiting this state.

That is all from my side folks. Well wasn’t it an intriguing experience and moreover a knowledgeable experience for all of us. We all Indians have to believe that India is great in every manner so as to overcome that stereotype that a foreign country is better than our India. So what are you waiting for gear up to go to a long tour to any of these states featured in the list of most popular Indian states for tourism and do remember to share your experience in the comments section. Come on everyone move it!

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