10 best Surfing destination around the world which one needs to visit

Modern-day surfing has denoted onto the mainstream in the last two decades. Surfing is a marvellous sport, in which one needs equally marvellous locations to complement it. Social misunderstanding about surfing has been put to rest and the result has created a global craving. If playing with the waves is something you feel fancy, then check out these 10 best surf place in the world for the best point breaks, beach breaks and reef breaks. We guarantee that you’ll be surely left craving for more.

10 Best Surfing Destinations



Taghazout is a small little town with great amazing waves year-round and at enticing Moroccan prices. Taghazout, a fishing village in the southwest part of Morocco, is usually not crowded and that is what the key feature when searching for the perfect surf destination. With chilling waves for advanced surfers from September-April and smaller waves through the rest of the year, this small little town has something always for everyone.



Another core for European surfing, Hossegor, located on southwestern France’s coast of Landes, boasts miles of beautiful beach breaks and some impressive pro-level tubes that are reminiscent of Hawaii’s best offerings. Even Though mansions dot the coastline, there are sufficient of campsites for budget-minded surfers. Each year in September, pros compete at Quicksilver Pro France at Hossegor. The Spots include Les Culs Nus, Hossegor Plage Central, La Graviere, Les Estagnots, Le Penon and Les Bourdaines.



Here is where we make an anomaly and name an entire island as one of our topmost destinations. It is the truth that it would be a crime to leave Oahu out of any surfing-related top 10 list.  Most of the surfers will never be good enough to ride here, but everyone dreams of bouncing along its perfect crest. Situated on the island where modern surfing was developed, this is one of the heaviest waves in the world, scaling more than six meters over a flimsy base of razor-blade table reef. Best for all the marvellous surfing experts during the winter months and for all the beginners during spring, the prominent North Shore is 7 miles of spots including Backdoor, Waimea Bay, Ka’ena Point, Sunset Beach, Pupukea Beach and Kahuku Point. Learners can also take advantage of the calmer waves at Waikiki.



Les Cavaliers is popularly known as the family-friendly surf destination. Les Cavaliers provides beach breaks unparalleled by any other in the world. Flanked by two rocky girders, surfers should use the channel at the right-hand side to paddle into this killer wave, which works superb in offshore winds with west swells.



The surfing capital of Canada offers an attractive break on the west coast of the island. Its distinctive feature is that it is surrounded by a looming rainforest. Acceptable for all talents, the only requirement is a thick wetsuit — it gets cold out there.



Hoddevik is one of those places that command a thick wetsuit. The water is frozen cold but with empty beaches and tremendous breaks, you wouldn’t really mind the temperature that is been provided, of course, you’re wearing the right suit. Hoddevik is well known as a surf town with an enduring public of around 15-25 people. The surfing, however, is an experience that values a million dollars. So always Try going before October to get away with slightly thinner suits.


Leandro Usuna at the Siargao Cloud 9 Surfing Cup


Cloud 9 is of the most famous wave in the Philippines And Sergio islands is the finest place to surf in the country, consistently ranked among the top surf places in the world. This substantial and powerful ridge break, which crashes onto shallow razor-sharp coral, offers right and left death rides. The bold and courageous surfers will experience a slice of heaven or hallucinations as waves wrap over them like a liquid muffle.



The first devoted World Surfing Reserve, this symbolic corner of Californian culture is famous not only for its waves but also for appearances in Hollywood films and television series. An appreciable location for all the beginners and expert surfers alike, Malibu’s proximity to Los Angeles and other SoCal landmarks make it an excellent surf spot for those in search of a classic adventure on the West Coast of the US. Malibu’s Surfrider Beach is a perfect spot for longboarders and novices but can be very crowded.



One of the most popular waves in the Maldives, this break offers left-hand rides and 100 meters of pure tube riding out to sea. But only Dhonveli Beach Resort & Spa guests can access the spot.



The Home to Supertubes, the longest and world’s best right-hander, according to many experts, “J-Bay” provides a choice of 10 different sections and is popular with high-level surfers, intermediates and long boarders alike. The best right-hand ride in the world, according to our team of Surfing Magazine editors, Jeffrey’s Bay offers extensive, fast barrels off an intense point break. The bay is divided into segments, so there are many of choices — Kitchen Windows, Magna Tubes, Boneyards and, gnarliest of all, Supertubes.

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