10 Best Places to Visit On Your Trip To Kinnaur

Kinnaur is a land of beauty and simplicity. There are various tourist places of interest and things to do in Kinnaur. It has something for everyone and one of the best travel destinations in The Himalayas. Read on to find the top 10 places to visit in Kinnaur!

1. Sarahan

This is the village which is the “Gateway to Kinnaur”. Standing very tall at an altitude of 2165 meters, this village is the entrance to the Mighty Kinnaur district.

It is a very pretty little town and gives homely vibes with its slate houses and lush green gardens. It is a very scenic village and great for a quiet weekend getaway.

2. Chitkul

Located on the extreme borders, it is touted to be the last inhabited village in India. A little hamlet on the Indo-Chinese border, it is a hidden gem in the true sense.

This is a quaint hamlet heavily influenced by Tibetan cultures. So, make sure you try some authentic Tibetan momos when you visit.

3. Rupin Pass

When we think of Himachal, we imagine snow-capped peaks and long, arduous treks. Well, this place has it all covered. Located in the Sangla valley, Rupin pass is a trekker’s paradise.

It is one of the more difficult treks but whats a little difficulty if the reward is so satisfying! The view from the hilltop is very amazing as you see all the luscious green trees and pretty, dainty blue skies around you.

4. Sangla

This beautiful valley is located in the hilly state of Himachal Pradesh. With breathtaking scenery around you, it is a traveler’s delight. The mountains are covered with snow through the chilly winters and can be used for a variety of activities like skiing and trekking.

Other than this, it also has many architectural wonders like temples and forts for spending some time meandering around. Also famous for luscious fruits like the Fed apples and juicy cherries, make sure you carry some of these homes!

5. Roghi Village

This is a quaint little village near Kalpa. It is filled with dangerous slopes and hilly terrains. Enjoy a mystical sight of the snow-capped mountains and lush green valleys.

6. Kinner Kailash

This mountain peak is one of the most famous and beautiful peaks. It remains snow-covered for the most part of the year. Trekking on this path is quite difficult and not for the faint-hearted.

But with some physical training, you can attempt this beautiful trek filled with snowy peaks, green valleys, and rich coniferous forests. It also has a sacred touch to it and many people undertake it for spiritual purposes.

7. Kalpa

This hamlet is the most important village in Kinnaur district. The mighty Sutlej river flows through this scenic town and leaves you enthralled at its beauty. Don’t forget to enjoy a beautiful sunrise while sitting on a mountain top or even from the comfort of your guest cottages.

This village also boasts of rich flora and fauna with various coniferous trees and vibrantly colored birds. The red apples from here are a major attraction and known for their hiney like sweetness.

It also has various temples and monasteries like Narayan-Nagini Temple and Hu-Bu-Lan-Kar Buddhist Monastery. Have fun with a long but fulfilling trek to the beautiful Roghi village on the mountainside.

8. Baspa River

The mighty Baspa river is the main river that flows through Kinnaur and its valleys. Its sparkling blue waters are so pristine and clear that you will feel you have entered some heavenly abode. It has immense beauty in its surroundings too.

The Chung Sakhago pass present in this rover is one of the most difficult and beautiful passes to use. The river also gives a very nice view when it runs through the Sangla valley. The enjoyable fishing activities can also be carried out in the river , for example, Trouts are some of the famous and prized catches in here.

9. Lipa Asrang Sanctuary

All the wildlife enthusiasts should throng to this place as soon as you can. It has a variety of rare and endemic species that you can spot as you traverse through its terrains.

Yak, Goral, Brown Bear, Musk Deer, and Blue Sheep are some of the fauna which you can find. The tree species are also very beautiful and endemic like the juniper scrubs.

10. Kamru Fort

It is one of the popular tourist spots in the Sangla valley and gets tourist attention from all over India. It is a true architectural marvel and is surrounded by beautiful scenery and orchards.

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