10 Most Beautiful Villages of Kinnaur You Should Not Miss On Your Next Visit

Kinnaur is a very rich and beautiful place to visit. It has retained all its old-world charm and is home to many quaint little villages in its vast and magnificent countryside. Here we have listed some of the most beautiful ones which you should definitely visit the next time you plan a visit to Kinnaur.

1. Kamru

It was the capital of the Bashahr principality and is a very sacred city. It is home to many important shrines and temples of various deities. There is a tower-like fort present in the village. A very beautiful temple dedicated to Kamakhya Devi here which is extremely divine to look at.

Great Himalayan Kamru Fort: A place reminiscent of 15th century ...


2. Batseri

It has beautiful forests filled with pines and deodars along with many palm trees. The pristine Baspa river passes through it imparting a picturesque surrounding it.

It also has a majestic temple dedicated to Lord Buddha. You can also buy various handicrafts and souvenirs to carry back home like Kinnauri caps, Pashmina shawls, and others.

3. Chitkul

Located on the extreme borders, it is touted to be the last inhabited village in India. A little hamlet on the Indo-Chinese border, it is a hidden gem in the true sense. It is extremely scenic and has various lush green trees.

A beautiful mountain road to Chitkul village of Kinnaur

4. Sapni

It is located near Kalpa and is so beautiful it looks straight out of a picturesque postcard. The ancient Sapni Fort is located near to it and is one of the most popular destinations for tourists.

The fort is made of wood and is a huge seven storey building. The weather over the years has damaged a little of the wood but the carvings are still as beautiful as ever.

5. Sangla

This beautiful valley is located in the hilly state of Himachal Pradesh. With breathtaking scenery around you, it is a traveler’s delight. The mountains are covered with snow through the chilly winters and can be used for a variety of activities like skiing and trekking.

The enjoyable fishing activities are also carried out in the Baspa river which flows through this beautiful valley. Trouts are some of the famous and prized catches in here. Other than this, it also has many architectural wonders like temples and forts for spending some time meandering around. Also famous for luscious fruits like the Fed apples and juicy cherries, make sure you carry some of these homes!

6. Rakcham

A very secluded and beautiful village near Chitkul, it is one of the most beautiful villages in Kinnaur. The local population is basically herders and looks after the sheep and goats.

The winters here are very snowy and cold and the mountains are covered with white snowy flakes. The valley is also very beautiful and scenic to look at.

7. Kalpa

This hamlet is the most important village in Kinnaur district. The mighty Sutlej river flows through this scenic town and leaves you enthralled at its beauty. Don’t forget to enjoy a beautiful sunrise while sitting on a mountain top or even from the comfort of your guest cottages.

This village also boasts of rich flora and fauna with various coniferous trees and vibrantly colored birds. The red apples from here are a major attraction and known for their hiney like sweetness.

8. Nako

This cute village is located near the Kinnaur and Spiti valley and is also having a great lake situated here. This region is located near to the Tibetan border and you will need to procure a permit to travel here.

9. Ribba

It is also known as Rirang derived from the locally spoken language and can be broken into two parts. Ri means Chilgoza and Rang means Mountain peak in the local dialect.

Ribba Village- Popular Tourist Places to Visit in Kinnaur, Himachal


This is because this place is famous for the Chilgoza or Pine nuts. It also has many fruit orchards having luscious and juicy fruits.

10. Moorang

The Apricot village of Kinnaur is located at the confluence of the three majestic rivers- the Sutlej, the Tirung and the Morang-Khud. Another attraction is the ancient fort built here by the Pandavas.

The village as a whole is consisting of various small and beautiful hamlets like Shilling, Khopa (Khokpa), Gramang, Lanen, and Makermang.

These villages reflect the rich culture and heritage of the great region of Kinnaur. These are some of the most wonderful villages which you should definitely visit when you go to Kinnaur.

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